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Am I Motivated To Succeed? Lift Your Emotions Up. Motivational Quote.

So how do I know if I am motivated to succeed?

Am I motivated to succeed?

Let’s begin with a motivational quote: 

A Wise Person Should Ask himself: Am I Happy?

Although we envision it differently, we still all want success to visit us.

Instead of taking real action to achieve it, we often wait and hope that it will come to us herself.

So how do I know if I am motivated to succeed? What questions should we answer for ourselves if we want to become successful? In what ways do we usually interfere with ourselves? And what can be done to ensure that success does not pass by?

We believe that you have asked yourself this question many times and you know yourself well, so now We invite you to answer three questions for yourself.

 First, is success important to you at all?

Motivational quote about a journey to success.

Maybe you flow like a river and depend on external conditions – how many shores, how many tides or low tides – and succumb to external disturbances: as is already the case. So is this important to us at all?

The second question is, what is the definition of our success?

What is success for us? What needs to happen to realize that we have already been visited by success?

For example, at work, my success is to have a vacation when I want, not to coordinate some of my decisions with anyone, or not to work with some clients because of conflicting values ​​or interests.

For another person, success can be an office on the eighteenth floor with a beautiful view, friendly and competent colleagues, and the like.

So it’s worth figuring out if we mean our own definition.

The most interesting thing is to catch success in a time when it happens.

Then you think it can’t be that success has already come.

For example, a customer tells you a certain decision, and you catch yourself that you are even afraid to enjoy and wake up from that dream because you didn’t even imagine such success.

So it’s worth figuring out what success you have so you can feel it when it comes.

How do you know if success has already come?

Hard work is the key to success

Motivational quote about hard work. Hard work is the key.

The third very important question is, are you able to differentiate in time, is it a success or not?

In addition to all three of these questions, it is very important to catch yourself or not to stop success.

For example, a young person receives a job offer.

What are the excuses? I’m still too young, I don’t have time yet, I’m still a student, maybe others need more.

It reminds us of a simple situation from a fairy tale of how a person whose family has nothing to eat walks through the woods and finds a bag full of dinner.

He looks around and thinks it’s probably not him, that it’s a mirage, and decides to pretend he hasn’t seen anything.

The second version is that law enforcement may need to be reported, but there are fears that he will be charged.

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A motivated person. Success is not a material asset. Motivational quote.

Such people later regret not taking the opportunity they had previously.

This phenomenon is called a self-blocking.

Yes, we stop our own success and think that it will come sometime later, but it may not be.

So are we motivated to succeed?

If we don’t necessarily want to be more successful than others, but we want to achieve more compared to ourselves, we don’t want to be the average person for professional accomplishments, and we want to add value to others, so we’re motivated.

But what do we do with it?

Of course, without compromising our values, we should seize the opportunity, the circumstances, and take that success.

So it pays to be vigilant, to monitor the situation because maybe that success has already visited us.

We did a value study with the students and I was surprised that they didn’t say they wanted to be rich because they already know themselves well – they said they wanted a stable financial reward.

So what is much and what is stable?

There are differences. A person motivated for success does not necessarily portray success as a material asset.

What is most important to us?

A person motivated for success demands far more from himself than from others.

In a sense, he can be a perfectionist or even a workaholic, he never wonders what to do.

An unmotivated person often doesn’t finish everything he or she has started and doesn’t aim to create at all.

After all, why look for new solutions if maybe someone in the world has already patented such an idea?

In the same way, we can think – why plant a garden, if winter comes, everything will go away and in general, we will die someday.

It is a perception of despair and some people successfully choose this pattern of behavior, but it is self-blocking.

I won’t go because what I didn’t see there, I won’t go there because that’s not the most important thing to me.

So it is worth asking yourself what is most important to you, of course, without reviewing others, reviewing values, but without experience, we may not understand what those true values ​​are.

How to distinguish between work and rest time?

Often, even after closing the office door, we take all the work home with us in our minds.

And even while at home, we can’t get rid of tension and relentless thoughts about the rest of the work.

That way we can’t have a quality rest, and the next day – it’s all over again.

But how to separate work and rest time?

What effect does this have on our psychological health? What methods can we use to leave jobs at work and allow ourselves to rest properly?

Work and mental health

What if you can’t separate work and rest time? Doing this is very important, although you probably have to hear that if you do what you love, you may not allocate time.

It is not good for psychological health, because we have been involved in a certain process for a long time and we may not feel the limits.

It can lead us to burnout or overwork and it is not healthy. So what can we do to differentiate between where our work is and where our rest time is?

First of all, if you work and feel like there are so many jobs, for example, that you really can’t make it today, but keep going thinking you’ll be working for another five minutes.

At this point, you need to say “stop!” To yourself.

So that you don’t have thoughts of work left in your mind, you can write down what work has been done and what your work is for tomorrow.

In your mind, it will be like closing the day, and when you come the next day, you will not forget anything, because everything will be recorded.

Learn to rest and relax

Another thing is when you feel that you are already in the circle, take about three minutes for meditation and that will be enough.

You can very simply just watch your breathing, your body, relax the place where you feel tension, then run with your breathing. Three or four minutes and all that will suffice.

After meditation, go home and have time for yourself.

One more moment – don’t think that you can ever finish work at all.

The completion of the work in general is an illusion.

Tell yourself the work never ends, but you can help make a point and set some boundaries. It is your responsibility and your will.

The last piece of advice, which will be very valuable to many people as you can separate yourself from work matters, is to set up your phone so that, for example, you do not have messages or messages popping up after 9 p.m.

It’s unusual and weird at first, but after a few generations, people unequivocally say they feel more at ease and can rest much better, concentrate on entertainment or rest time, rather than leaving thoughts at work because they no longer involve you.

So I want to take advantage of these tips and leave the job at work and give myself more time to rest.

And the last tip: Trust your imagination!

Motivational quote about the power of imagination.

Logic Will Get You From A to B. Imagination Will Take You Everywhere. Albert Einstein. [Quote]

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