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The Best Revenge Is Massive Success. Motivational Quote By Frank Sinatra.

The best Revenge is Massive success. Motivational quote.

Many would be able to answer the question “Are you lucky?“.

After that, one would have to count how many of those who think they are successful are men and women, people with one or another education, different marital status, and so on.

If the interviewees were large enough, we would get an average, statistical portrait of a “successful” person.

People who consider themselves successful are in good health, have a more harmonious family, have a decent income, and have a status in society.

Reasons can be treated differently, but there is no doubt that they are able to look creatively at tasks without blindly following instructions.

Meanwhile, the opposite is true: people who felt unlucky were tense, anxious, and prone to doing exactly what they were asked to do.

Successful people believe that destiny offers endless choices.

They are not considering how much they can “jump out“.

It is interesting for her to try again and again to reach the maximum.

Those who are unsuccessful feel that they lack much: beauty, education, financial support, so they are convinced that they cannot succeed.

They reject the attractive offer because they think they can’t be as good as they seem, and there should be some trick here.

Successful people believe that destiny offers endless choices. Motivational quote.

There are only 10 steps to massive success:

  1. Motivate yourself
    We work for money, recognition or so on. All of these are motivating external factors. However, there are people for whom the most important thing is their own satisfaction with their work (internal motivation). Both types of motivation are equally valuable as they encourage work and achieve good results. However, external motivation depends on the environment – the employee suddenly loses his / her desire to work if the manager does not praise him or the salary is delayed for a week. Internal motivation is constant, so temporary changes in the environment do not break the employee’s track
  2.  Control emotions
    The ability to control impulses is the most important feature of an intelligent person. Impulsivity prevents optimum performance in critical situations. SI employees work very quickly in critical situations, but their actions are a consequence of experience rather than impulses. If the problem is complicated, they devote enough time to thoroughly consider it and soberly evaluate all possibilities.

    The ability to control impulses is the most important feature of an intelligent person. Motivational quote.

  3. Stop on time
    Some people give up after a few failed attempts. It is amazing how little they just need to be disappointed. Others are still struggling, although it is clear that it is desperate. The third “reinventing the bike” – solves a long-standing problem (a scientist who has made a discovery of sounds, has been developing it for thirty years instead of putting his energy on new hypotheses).
  4. Make the most of your skills
    Most of them had the feeling that “they did not fit into their sleds”, so that their work did not have the qualities they had. A student who has been studying medicine for three years takes and understands that he would like mathematics more, but it seems too late to give up. And SI employees are testing a wide range of activities until they find the one close to them. They know their strengths and do not succumb to external pressure.
  5. Implement ideas in practice
    There are people who can come up with how to solve one or the other problem, but they are unable to implement these ideas no matter how useful and original they are. A creative and practical solution without implementation is worthless. High SI employees are not only full of new and exciting ideas, but they also work the way they think.
  6. Achieve the result
    Often working in the process of working and forgetting the result. And work without results resembles a car without an engine: nice to look at, but not useful. You need intelligence to create this car, but no matter what the Ferrari is, it won’t go anywhere without the engine. This proves once again that high intelligence does not guarantee good performance.
  7. Complete the tasks
    Some people do nothing to the end. In their life, nobody seems to have an end. Maybe they are afraid of not knowing what to do when they finish all the work or are so immersed in the details that they can’t complete the whole. Employees with SI have always completed what they have started.

    External motivation depends on the environment. Motivational quote.

  8. Show initiative
    Some employees fail, dare or do not want to initiate new projects. They are waiting for someone to assign a new task to them, or they are taking one, that is, another project, without any decision. Such people are hard hit by being in a competitive, thoughtful team.
  9. Don’t be afraid to be wrong
    People who are always lucky do not learn to lose, so they are frightened when it happens. Later, such employees do not dare to take on at least some of the more risky tasks: they are frightened by even a slight chance of failure. Fear that your proposal will not be accepted, your ideas – inappropriate, or ultimately yourself – hopelessly uninteresting, more or less common to all people. Employees with SI know that mistakes are an inevitable part of the learning process, a sign that the task needs a little more effort and time. They are wrong, but they correct their mistakes and learn from them.
  10. Do not delay work
    People tend to postpone work. Today we say we will do tomorrow, tomorrow, that we will do it tomorrow, and then we decide to rest and leave all the work for a week before the holiday. An experienced “retarded” is looking for the smallest misses for a few minutes to postpone work. If he does what he does, it takes too long.

 Massive Success. Sweet revenge.

The best Revenge is Massive success. Frank Sinatra.

The best Revenge is Massive success
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