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    Most of us want to succeed but often we have lack of motivation and we constantly tell ourselves that where we are is not where we should be.

    I have finally came to a point of life where a million thoughts a million ideas and a million possibilities about changing your life spins in the mind. But actions you should do dissolves in ”acid” and the majority of the number of positive thoughts becomes useless. Or perhaps more accurately, as soon as you perceive the pulse of doing something, as soon as you start feeling the opportunity to move forward, you destroy them immediately with million reasons not to do so. It is also true that it is never easy to accept that what we have spent months or years building up our success that would just disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

    And now I know, if I don’t work for my dreams – someone will hire you to help build theirs.

    Man cleaning shoes. Surreal photography.
    If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs


    Long time I have been haunted by thoughts that something is wrong in my life. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that something is really wrong. I can only to ask why? What? How? What is happening to me? And I give myself a constantly repeated feeling that hammering with a ”hammer” when I want to change something. No, it’s not hurt, and it’s not madness (maybe?). But it is difficult to go to sleep, it’s hard to get up without any concern or distress in my mind. It’s a feeling as if the same acid begins to drip on my head and say: Man, what the hell are you doing? However, I still continue to sit down do nothing and wait for somebody or something to come and do everything for me. I wait until someone lit a lighter, on which I’m sitting, I’m waiting, until somebody will spark motivation in me.

    A boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of a boat.


    You and them − talents, extraordinary personalities,( How to become a superstar read HERE) and I want to point you and them to the right direction, I want to help to discover the true purposes and dreams. In this short article will try to show what is going on, I will try to help to take that small step, but significant and alive.

    Big changes start with small steps


    Imagine that you are standing on a white sheet of paper. Part one is shown as the past, another one as a future. Right now you are standing in the present, and you are looking to your future, your dreams, goals, or whatever it is. When you’re thinking about it and when you are imagining it, everything is real and very genuine. However, over the years, the image becomes increasingly darker, more difficult to see the details, increasingly difficult to stride towards those dreams. Why? Here’s the answer:

    You start drawing. At first, you draw a ”Stop” sign to warn yourself, that something dangerous will happen soon. Next you sketch the barbed fence, which confirms that the danger real. Then after the fence you create monsters and other ugly creatures that will devour you alive, right after you pass the fence. You are continuing to picture other evils and they can be anything, well, let’s say ­­– a radioactive zone, where is no way out or to remain alive.

    It’s funny, but also incredible, that all these obstacles still seem surmountable. Therefore, you still inventing something that is so unique and terrible that even to draw it would be difficult. Let’s make it as an abyss. On top of this, we add the fact that throughout your life accrue a number of complexes, you are living in the wrong environment, belong to some kind of minority – and here we go, we have a masterpiece drawing of your life. So look again to your future and dreams or what was left of their – it is not clear whether it is only inscription, or dream, or the future, or in general – worth this future a visit.

    man-drawing-his-future. Surreal photography
    Fears are only powerful in your imagination. Reality pales in comparison.

    See, that’s the way you are creating your own world. Most likely, if you had known that everything is so simple, perhaps you could drew yourself, descending from the mountain with a sled, or just waiting until someone will bring you your dreams beautifully packaged.

    And the reality is this – you picture and create your life as you feel ”delicious”, pleasant and beautiful. Of course, the drawing will be constantly adjusted to unforeseen circumstances, things that are not up to you, until you finally discover a way to circumvent the circumstances. And remember, after all, is a piece of paper, and you can always bypass, or start a new one.

    We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand
    Fight off your demons
    Sometimes you only need to press the right button.
    Life is all about balance