How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat? [20+ Tips Poster]

Tips to reduce belly fat

People who have accumulated belly fat, often do not understand what they are growing and that there will be no way back.

Why belly fat is accumulated precisely on the abdomen, and more precisely, its lower part, scientists explain the body’s self-rescue from the starch, sweet, oily products.

The lower abdominal fat tissue becomes like an active organ that sends chemical signals to other parts of the body. The more often we eat the wrong food, the stronger the body’s reaction to accumulate fat in the abdomen.

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In order to increase the production of the hormone leptin, which blocks the production of neuropeptide Y, which causes hunger.

Burning belly fat.

That abdominal fat on the human body is a growing problem can be understood from the google search: how to burn belly fat? 
How to reduce tummy? How to burn belly fat?
Belly fat burning exercises? Belly fat cure? (this one interesting, but also shows how desperate people are)

Here is a poster with 20 tips how to reduce belly fat:

How to reduce belly fat. 20 tips. Poster.
How to reduce belly fat. 20 tips. Poster.

Simplified tips.

If 20 tips is too much for you here are 7 basic tips. In order to get rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen, the following tips must be taken into account.

1. Healthy diet. A healthy and balanced diet can especially help you get rid of overweight and also greatly improve your overall well-being.

Refractory sugars, fatty foods and refined carbohydrates with a low nutritional value should be avoided. Food should not contain fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.

2. Significantly reduce alcohol consumption To get rid of abdominal fat, it is necessary to strictly restrict alcohol consumption. Alcoholic drinks often have added sugars that can affect weight gain.

3. Ensure proper physical activity. Indwelling lifestyle can cause serious health problems and lead to weight gain. To get rid of overweight you need to exercise every day.

Abdominal fat effectively helps to get rid of aerobics and stretching exercises. Most sports are good when intensive cardio training is combined with strength-demanding and endurance training. 

4. Beware of Sunlight. The 2016 review by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health states that sun-exposed animals are less likely to gain weight.

The review also mentions several explanations for the effects of sunlight on human research. However, it is still not possible to argue that this could be a factor in weight loss, due to a lack of evidence based on more detailed research.

Invisible threats

5. Try not to give up on stress. When you constantly experience stress, weight gain starts to increase over time. This is because the so-called stress hormone cortisol promotes appetite, and people then consume more food.

Stress reduction methods include practices such as meditation and intense exercise such as yoga.

6. Sleep well. Sleep is especially important for a person’s well-being and state of health, and therefore, in the event of a constant failure, various illnesses can occur.

The primary purpose of sleeping is to allow the body to relax and recover, but it also affects weight. Sufficient and quality sleep is considered one of the essential conditions for success in weight loss and abdominal fat reduction.

7. Mine smoking. Smoking is considered a factor in increasing the risk of abdominal fat accumulation, so the year of smoking is more likely to succeed in order to get rid of this unnecessary score.

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