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The Core New Years’ Resolution ideas 2023 [Poster]

New Years' Resolution created by yourself means you are creating your future. Resolution ideas 2023

As we all know, as the new year comes, New Year Resolutions start popping into our heads. But does it really gives us the motivation to do things we want? Does it inspire us to do unexpected things? Does it really worth something?

In 2023 make realistic resolution goals!

Think logically; for example, do you have enough time to achieve your goals? What will be your plan of action? It is best that you can control your goal because you are responsible only for yourself and not for other people’s actions. Instead, think about what you need to make the goal a reality and work towards it gradually.

The most popular New Years’ resolutions. Source: Statista

Does Plato’s motivational quote “The beginning is the most important part of the work” fit here? 

I’ve just read the resolution that I wrote a couple of years ago. Things that mattered to me changed.  I’m far away from where I wanted to be.

I wrote down the features and tasks that I did not have and could not get until now. I can say that I did not complete the resolution.

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Create Your Own Resolution in 2023

You can find many prepared new year resolution lists (Some you will find below), but as a matter of fact, you can create the best resolution by Yourself. 

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New Years’ Resolution created by yourself means you are creating your future. 

Here are 50 New Years Resolutions ideas to spark your motivation:

New Year’s Resolution by Piplum.

Press this link to download printable New Year Resolutions here

Anyway, The most important part of the resolution is the review of last year.

After reviewing the previous year, you will make conclusions about what was relevant and assume that similar things will remain interesting in the coming years. 

The core New Year resolutions ideas 2023

Use of information and knowledge

Try to remember all read and read books. It will be useful to create a list simply. Come up, look at the bookcase and think about the stuck citations.

Remember which books you liked most about what you remember about them? Brush a couple of sentences on it. This list also includes magazines, subscriptions, movies, web pages, and blogs you follow. Get in touch with Facebook and see what’s happening in the news stream.

Do you have books/resources that take you somewhere else? For example, you have become more interested in the things described here. Or so far from the author’s activities.

Open Personal notes

Carefully review your personal notes, if any. But whoever wrote about your life, work schedules, etc. From such notes, one can learn a lot about yourself, and remember where she was and what she thought.

Remember Inspirational people

Have some people had a positive impact on you? Family members, friends, teachers, and colleagues.

Not necessarily personally acquainted, but whoever, by virtue of their existence, has brought quality to your life. You may have learned about these people from books or acquaintances while reading certain books.

Traveling more
How many times did you leave your area, city, country, or even continent? What goals did you do it and what do you remember best from your travels? Try to write down several points as being in a different environment, and communicating with other people has made you feel.

New activities and lifestyle

Have you come across new trends and activities in your life where you started to study? It can be a sport, a different way of life or an attitude to certain things. What has caused these changes? Read and accept information or vice versa?

All points are related. Therefore, it’s very important to see those links, because you will understand where the most positive results are from.

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Abilities and skills

What can you do today? What could not have been a year ago? It can be anything. Physical achievements such as press releases, mileage, etc. Can you prepare food, draw, and do your work better than before?


What has come to your life to bring you the most real benefits? The things you enjoy most are the most commonly used. If you lose, you really want to change them. Knowing our tendency to material goodness at this point is worth not expanding, on but highlighting only the most important things.

Bonus resolution ideas

Check everything that is not yet available

What have you taken? Who does not fit into the frames described above? Concerts, performances, skyscrapers, projects implemented?

When you read the article to the end, then revisit the list and rewrite it right now. When you do this, bring together valuable experiences and results in separate categories. You will have a peculiar list of personal achievements.

Everything Here is your resolution for the next year. Valuable activities that you are already engaged in. The next year, just giving them more time and attention.

Additional New Year’s Resolution idea 1.

Did you notice the links between activities? Perhaps some points are turning around one core interest.

Was there something interesting, but this year you did not pay much attention to it? Where to feel the desire to deepen in the future?

It is worthwhile to write down and bring it to the cloud or pack it and add it. Its new resolutions can be read whenever you want. It can be both a binding and a simple list of past achievements. The greatest benefit of this requirement is that you give time to look at yourself and your life.

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Additional New Year’s Resolution idea 2. 
Take the initial list of personal achievements and multiply it by ten. No matter how crazy it looks, sign up anyway.

The full list of New Year resolution ideas:
  1. Learn more
  2. More freedom
  3. Learn to say ‘No’
  4. Quit eating fast food
  5. Give more effort at work
  6. Earn more money
  7. Drink more water
  8. Invest in yourself more
  9. Change career paths
  10. Gain a new qualification
  11. Find a job you’re passionate about
  12. Achieve a promotion
  13. Work fewer hours
  14. Be able to retire
  15. Achieve employee of the month
  16. Be able to work from home
  17. Improve your productivity and efficiency
  18. Make friends within the workplace
  19. Improve your work mentality
  20. Be on time or early every day
  21. Become a millionaire
  22. Read more books
  23. Learn to embrace change
  24. Improve your confidence
  25. Pick up a new skill
  26. Cut out video games
  27. Control your anger
  28. Learn the art of meditation
  29. Watch less T.V
  30. Improve your level of discipline
  31. Get out of your comfort zone
  32. Wake up earlier
  33. Start thinking more positively
  34. Never give up on something you want to achieve
  35. Conquer your fears
  36. Commit yourself entirely to something
  37. Look after your image
  38. Take advantage of more opportunities given to you
  39. Become more independent
  40. Earn more profit
  41. Become more ethical
  42. Quit your day job
  43. Identify your long-term goals
  44. Work harder and for longer hours
  45. Raise money for your startup
  46. Make new friends
  47. Let go of the negative friends
  48. Spend more time with family
  49. Cut out alcohol
  50. Make time to relax

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