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What Is Creativity? Discover A Pill of Beauty. [Photo Manipulation]

Are you a creative person?

What is creativity? Do you really need a pill of beauty?

Yes, it seems that some people’s talents and never-ending successful ideas come from a huge horn.

Do they do something different to reach it, or was it just born after a happy star?

Is everything really determined by the genetically inherited properties and the environment in which we were born?

A creative person is a person who inventions or creates new things, ideas, inventions, widespread use of his imagination, broad views, looking for something unusual, new, not yet tried, combining what seems to be irrelevant.

He is curious, constantly moving forward, open to innovation and daring to be himself.

So, creativity begins with our approach to everything we do and who surrounds us.

A pill of beauty. Photo Manipulation. [Image]

Sometimes you only need to swallow a pill of beauty. After that everything around you will become wonderful.

A pill of beauty. Made by Piplum.
A pill of beauty facebook cover.  Made by Piplum.

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