Gamers Quotes. Your Complete Guide To Gaming, eSports, And Virtual Reality.

Gamers are the most educated people in the world. Funny quote about gaming
Gamers are the most educated people in the world. Funny quote about gaming by

Some say the best education method is one that educates through entertainment.

By this logic — gamers are the most educated people in the world! 

Actually, it might be true in the near future when virtual realityVR will dominate the gaming industry. 

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Playing games has been a part of our lives since the very beginning.

Before technology was this advanced, games used to be pretty basic and simple.

They also used to mostly be outdoors and with other people.

We can all remember the days playing hopscotch or marbles in our neighborhoods with the other kids.

Gamers are the most educated people in the world. Funny quote about gaming
Gamers are the most educated people in the world. Funny quote about gaming by

Of course, the information revolution completely changed the world.

Technology has become so advanced that we can now do everything from the comfort of our own homes.

We don’t have to go outside to do much because everything we need has been handed to us.

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Every single thing in the world is now connected to our fingertips.

With the push of one button, you can enter different worlds and explore different things.

Gaming is one such world and is one of the most popular hobbies people have these days.

Raise your imagination. Never stop gaming. Piplum. 

Raise your imagination. Never stop gaming. Virtual reality quote.

Here is everything you need to know about gaming and eSports in case you want to get started too!

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Virtual Reality, Cyberlife, Cyberpunk — Gamers Quotes. 

Honestly, there is no limit because video games are everywhere.

You can play them on your:

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Console
  • Smart TV 

So, you have one of these but you don’t know where to get games?

I Love gaming. True gamers quote.
I Love gaming. True gamers quote.

Well, for your PC there are many digital shops from where you can get games.

The most popular one is Steam that has taken the PC gaming market by storm so that is a great place to start.

For your Tablet and Smartphone just visit your relevant app store and you can download any video games.

For a Console, you will have to buy the discs of games from the nearest gaming shop in your area or order them from Amazon!

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Now out of all these options, most people prefer either console gaming or PC gaming.

Of course, they have their reasons but here are some facts and differences about these two gaming options that may help you understand why these options are the best ones for you to start gaming.

Gaming Quotes. 

Virtual reality is more than a passion. Piplum. 

Virtual reality is more than a passion. VR Gaming quote.
Virtual reality is more than a passion. VR Gaming quote.

Console vs. PC Gaming

Here are the major differences between these two types of gaming options:

Consoles are more cost-effective and their prices don’t fluctuate much as they maintain smoother price points throughout.

However, when it comes to the functions, consoles are more limited than PC but they are of high-quality, don’t forget that.

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On the other hand, the pricing of PCs completely depends on the kind of gamer you are and the PC you want.

The most basic PC builds can range at a fair price between $400 and $700.

However, if you are an advanced gamer and need a high-end PC then just the graphic cards can break the bank because they will cost more than the PC itself.

Many people who indulge in eSports use high-end PCs.

This is the most important factor when it comes to deciding which gaming device to use.

It is a consensus that PC performs better than console. They are more powerful compared to consoles.

However, their right consoles are amazing too.

High-end PCs are much better than any console on the market but of course as we discussed they are very expensive and not everyone can afford to make such an investment.

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There is a learning curve that comes with PC gaming especially if you are trying to build a customized gaming PC for yourself.

However, consoles are very easy to use. All you need to is plug the device so you can start gaming.

Gaming options
There is an unlimited variety of games when it comes to PC. However, with a console, you have limited options as the range is restricted.

For example, the PlayStation 5 has approximately over 1000 games and so does the Xbox.

Meanwhile, when it comes to PC, you have more than 25,000 games to choose from!

Of course, one thing to note here is that you will not get some console games on PC because they are exclusive.

So, if you want to play those games then you will have to get a console.

It all depends on your preferences and what you want.

Benefits of gaming. Quotes about gaming.

Now that you know what gaming is and how it works you also need to know how it can benefit you in different ways.

Couple playing games in virtual reality.
Quote about gaming and virtual reality.

Over the years many doctors have talked about the cognitive benefits that come with video gaming.

Of course, there is much more so let’s dive right in.

Improves decision-making skills

Couple playing virtual reality game. Inspirational quote
Benefits of gaming.

Studies have shown that because gamers have to deal with a lot of information from different angles at once, they have to make quick decisions.

Of course, they will make bad decisions but over time their ability to make better decisions will improve and this will reflect in other aspects of life as well apart from gaming.

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One study showed that gamers who played fast-paced games reacted better and quickly to questions than those who didn’t play.

They performed approximately 25% better than non-gamers.

Improves mental, visual, and physical coordination

Gaming improves mental, visual, and physical coordination. Quote by piplum.

In a game, there is a lot of mental stimulation at once.

This means that a player will have to be connected in every aspect for them to perform well.

You have to coordinate all your mental, visual, and physical movements to react quickly and play the game well.

Improves focus

gaming improves focus women use virtual reality lenses
Gaming improves focus.

This is why gamers are always so focused on the game that they forget whatever is happening around them.

They are completely invested in the game because it requires skill and focuses.

Over time, this focus also reflects other aspects of life because the ability to concentrate and focus becomes built.

You get to make many new social connections

When you are gaming, you are connected to many people virtually.

You can be part of teams and play with people from different parts of the world.

This is a point of connection between many people and helps bring people together.
You form new friendships and you learn to work with people you barely know.

This also enhances communication and teamwork and is an opportunity to learn more about people that are not from the same background as you.

Improves mental flexibility
In simple terms, this means that over time you can easily switch between two tasks that have different demands without any problem.

Your mental capacities increase while playing games and so you face no hindrance while switching tasks or concentrating on more than one.

This increases your mental flexibility and capabilities in the long run.

Improves memory
Learning so much information at once improves your ability to grasp more information.

This effects and improves your memory because you learn to store and then retrieve that information much effectively.

Of course, there are endless benefits to video gaming but these are the most important ones that have a direct effect on our minds and our life.

You by now know everything about gaming but did you know that you can also make money off it?

Yes, that is true and we don’t mean hosting games in your house and profiting from that but making actual money from gaming tournaments.

That is what is known as eSports and here is everything you need to know about it.

What is eSports? ESports Quotes. 

eSports explosive growth and gaming experience. Quote for real gamers.
eSports explosive growth and gaming experience. Quote for real gamers.

This is what is known as electric sports and it’s a competition between different gamers.

You can enter different gaming tournaments either with a team or individually and once you are done with the tournament you will be awarded a cash prize.

This has become very lucrative in the gaming industry and eSports has gained much momentum over the past few years.

If you didn’t know already then here are some eSports tournaments you can take part in to earn money:

Now that you briefly know about eSports, let’s talk about how it has gained so much popularity in these past few years.

Why eSports is so popular?

Virtual reality is a new meta of gaming. Inspirational gamers quote by Piplum.
Virtual reality is a new meta of gaming. Inspirational gamers quote by Piplum.

Did you know that eSports is now a billion-dollar industry?

This just happened over a few years because that is how powerful eSports has become in such a short time.

But what is the reason for it?

Well, for the most part, the eSports industry has sponsors that are big names in the industry such as Audi, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and T-Mobile to name a few.

Of course, many other heavy sponsors back this industry.

Apart from that there is merchandising, tickets, advertising, and much more that goes into the tournaments and provides a huge chunk of profit to the people investing.

Many people love watching gaming online and so their target audience is willing to spend money on such events.

Without this audience, the industry would not have seen this magnanimous success.

It is estimated that over four-hundred million people view eSports and this number will keep on rising over the years.

This is because this industry has created so many opportunities for gamers that it quickly gained momentum.

Gamers view gaming as a craft and these tournaments provide them with a chance to showcase their skills and craft that they have mastered over several years.

However, the main reason eSports is so popular is that it is inclusive.

Anyone from any background can join and there is no discrimination between advanced or basic players as anyone can sign up for tournaments.

Of course, you have to be great and competitive to be selected.

Another reason is the fact that it is a diverse platform.

It offers many games, tournaments, and much more to gamers which makes it very diverse and also technologically advanced.

This is why many people have switched to eSports.

More than half of the Korean population takes part in eSports making it the biggest hit in that region.

How does eSports work?

We already know what games are played but you are probably wondering how does this takes place on such a large scale?

Well, the setup is more or less the same as what you have been seeing in traditional tournaments on TV.

There is a live audience that watches these tournaments and they are also played live across all social media platforms.

Apart from that, some commentators comment every step of the way and shed light on a variety of information such as the tournament, players, teams, and leagues.

However, one area where eSports lacks is the formation of official professional leagues.

Since there is no proper organisation or league there is another system that has organised itself within the world of eSports.

Players taking part in the tournaments organise themselves by games.

These games are then regulated by leagues that host the larger tournaments and set up the seasons for the sport.

These leagues focus on regions and locations because that is how they organise different players and teams; based on their locations.

One important thing to note here is that not everyone who signs up is taken.

There is a careful elimination process after which the teams and individuals are chosen after which they are ready to enter the tournament.

Where can you watch eSports tournaments?

Apart from social media platforms that don’t offer high-quality or the best experience, almost all eSports fans watch the tournaments on a streaming site known as Twitch.

It is well-known for streaming video games and any player any time can stream their games to people all over the world.

Anyone can broadcast their games on this.

The site is very easy-to-use and navigates just like any other streaming site and streaming is sorted by the name of the game.

You can then click on any and watch a live broadcast of any game being played from anywhere in the world!

The most popular eSports games

Here are some games you can master to take part in eSports as well:
This is by far the most popular game and dominates the market of eSPorts.

The DOTA 2 tournament is hosted by the company that created this game, Valve. The tournament is known as The International and players then compete for a very high cash prize.

Three years ago this specific DOTA 2 tournament broke the record of the highest prize in the brief history of eSports.

The prize for the winner was approximately $24 million. Imagine the lucky people who won this sum!

League of legends
This has also been a favorite among players in the world of eSports and three years ago the prize for this specific tournament was over more than $4 million.

Call of Duty
Their tournaments are known as the Call of Duty World League Championships where many teams compete against each other.

The recent tournament of Call of Duty that took place had a prize of over just $1 million.
There are of course many more games but these are the top three that is a favorite among gamers all over the world.

Where is eSports headed towards?
While this market is competitive and lucrative right now, in the future it is said to grow even further.

Research data done on this has shown that by the end of 2022, the eSports industry will be an industry that will be worth more than $2 billion.

It doesn’t just stop here though the sports media and entertainment industry is not behind on this either and gradually channels are tuning eSports tournaments as well.

This industry is just at the peak of growing right now and nothing will come in its way.

Video game tournaments will become widely known and this sport will get recognition of its own in the coming years.

The future of eSports is extremely bright as there are also talks of it being added to the 2024 Olympic program.

That is huge news!

Especially for the fans of this sport that have been following it religiously.

With so many things happening at once and so fast it is no doubt that the eSports industry is in its growth years and this growth will not stop for the next decade at least.

This billion-dollar industry will keep on growing and will reach new heights in the coming years.

Final words
Who could have imagined ten years ago that video games will be played on an international level in this way?

We certainly didn’t.

However, because of such fast-paced technology, the world has to keep up with it, and within a few years the dynamics of everything change.

Gaming saw these changes too and now it is on its way to becoming its own sports category.

Of course, this is great news for gamers all around the world and they will finally be compensated for their skill and craft because let’s face it, it takes a lot to play a video game and you can’t be good at within a day or even a month.

What are you waiting for then?

You also get your game face on and learn this skill to win amazing prizes and recognition!

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