One Coin To Rule Them All! Funny Bitcoin Quotes For Crypto Holders

It's so hard to pick the best bitcoin quotes. But anyway, stay positive, and don't get lost in this crazy crypto world!

You can hear about the rise and the fall of bitcoin almost every day. It doesn’t matter through the news, TV, or social media — Your eyes catch crypto quotes and bitcoin memes even you do not realize it.

The crypto market is trendy, and a significant reason for this is that it is always open in any part of the world.

You can trade bitcoin either in the US or UK, Russia, or Australia 24/7. The Crypto market never sleeps!

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The cryptocurrency market has become huge, and people want to participate, with millions of crypto traders and investors worldwide wanting a piece of the constantly growing pie.

So let’s do this. Let’s put some of the best bitcoin quotes in one place.

Let’s begin with the cruel reality of crypto trading. No matter you hold bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you definitely will relate to this poster.

The cruel reality of buying, selling, and holding crypto. As you see, it’s a really bloody business.

The bloody world of crypto trading:

The bloody world of crypto trading. The most accurate poster about cryptocurrency.

Funny and Not Funny Bitcoin Quotes. 

Investing is like participating in a lottery.

At certain times, especially when the crypto markets are getting worse, you can hear sayings like “Investing is the same as gambling in a casino” or “It’s better to buy a lottery ticket than investing,” and so on.

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Such and similar sayings can lead to a misguided approach to crypto markets. But were are not to listen for lectures. We are here to get some inspiration from the bitcoin and crypto quotes.

Bitcoin to the moon, to the sky, to the oblivion!

So beautiful crypto quote. Bitcoin to the moon, to the sky, to the oblivion!

An ancient prophecy says: one coin to rule them all.

Bitcoin-quote-by-Elon Musk-An-ancient-prophecy-says-one-coin-to-rule-them-all
An ancient prophecy says: one coin to rule them all. Bitcoin quote by Elon Musk, Art by Basileonardo, mix by

Good job! You lost your money. Funny bitcoin quote.

Funny-bitcoin-quote. Good-job-You-lost-your-money
Funny bitcoin quote. Good job! You lost all your money.

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Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto. Funny vintage cryptocurrency quote.

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto. Funny vintage cryptocurrency quote.

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The only bitcoin can drag so many altcoins with him

Crypto quote about the power of the bitcoin.

Usually, I don’t trade crypto, but when I do, I lose everyting

Core Bitcoin Quotes Defining This Crypto Owners

The only bitcoin keeps my heart beating

The only bitcoin that keeps my heart beating. An inspirational crypto quote.

Bitcoin, show me the way!

Show me the way! The importance of bitcoin quote.

Bitcoin millionaire loading. 

Bitcoin millionaire loading. Cryptocurrency quote.
Bitcoin millionaire loading. Cryptocurrency quote.

The Future Of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

There is only one important thing when investing in bitcoin and other cryptos – the final number in the account.

Bitcoin art.

Our primitive ancestors feared thunder and lightning, the tiger, and the earthquake. The medieval ancestors feared the sword, the robbers, the epidemics, and God… We tremble against the simplest coins. Not even real coins, but digital…

Despite the media attention and its support of innovation, bitcoin is more of a stock-like asset than an international currency: it is too much volatile, mainly driven by speculation.

Bitcoin is just a pilot project of blockchain technology with two major features: it can provide “anonymity” in a certain way and eliminates the need for intermediary parties in the payment flow.

But while national currencies are liabilities of the issuing countries’ governments with their central banks protecting and controlling their value, bitcoin is a liability of nobody being controlled also by nobody.

Of course, countries could issue their own cryptocurrencies, and we have seen such initiatives by Russia, Iran, Turkey, or Venezuela, but I am not 100% sure, that it would be in the interest of other countries. While bitcoin is still often used for money laundry, tax evasion, or terrorism funding, these are all against the interest of any countries in the World.

To avoid these risks, national cryptocurrencies must lose anonymity to make them easier to control, but that would kill the number one objective of bitcoin, therefore people would have no interest in changing from bitcoin for example to it.

For this reason, bitcoin will keep its role in the economy as it is today, with high chances that it will be dominated by other cryptocurrencies from time to time, but blockchain technology will set the ground for further innovation in the bank sector.

Getting rich with bitcoin. Loading crypto wealth in progress...
Getting rich with bitcoin. Loading crypto wealth in progress…

The Last Words

Achieving good long-term investment results is by no means focusing on quick short-term financial gains, no matter how tempting it may seem. To make crypto investing not like gambling, you need to have a clearly defined investment strategy, a plan to implement that strategy and follow that plan in a disciplined manner.

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