Virtual Life And Digital Detoxification. Smartphone Quote.

Is It The Time For A Detoxification? A Smartphone Quote.

Digital Detoxification.

Technology, like food, is a very important part of everyday life.

Sufferers from the psychological disorder of the Internet cannot forget their problem, but they cannot control it either.

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According to psychologists, it can be useful to use digital detoxification for people who no longer manage their time on social networks

Constantly staring at the smart screen may seem like an innocent pursuit, but it often takes control of life and interferes with both work and personal life.

It’s great if you can control your time in the digital space, and when you’re on social networks, you can easily put your smartphone away and go for a walk or read a book.

Some studies claim that cell phone and Internet addiction is very similar to other addictions: drug addiction, eating disorders.

Then digital detox is unnecessary.

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Will 2050 Be the Same? Will Smartphone Remain Our Best Friend? Quote

More and more areas of our lives are moving into virtual spaces, into chat rooms…

One of the first attemps (2014 maybe) to make something interesting with Photoshop failed…

But anyway, I just wanted to show how we’re hooked on our smartphones and how hard to be “Unplugged” nowdays. 

So, do really smartphones owns our lives? Are we slaves, who can’t do anything against this powerful and almighty — Smartphone? What do you think?

Life In A Smartphone… Inspirational Life Quote.

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