Love Is A Smoke Made With The Fume Of Sighs. William Shakespeare.

Love is like a smoke. Quote.

Crazy about love?

Blinded by love?

Tortured in love?

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These are not epithets created by poets.

Intense feelings really change the mind and body.

People in love make a fool of themselves.

Passionate loving people are less focused and do tasks. They just fly in the clouds!

People in love feel uplifted.

Scientists claim that falling in love with the nervous system is similar to cocaine.

They feel euphoria, an inexplicable sense of happiness.

Most often, most of us gets caught in a love trap, although briefly loses judgment and common sense.

Love is like a smoke. Love quote.

It’s not without reason that lovers are called crazy – after all, love is dazzling, like a bulldozer rolls out of its feet, and the roller smoothes out at least a couple of twists and turns of the brain.

Laughter is a joke, but scientists have found that a feeling of love can cause quite serious health problems and plunge you into depression.

People who fall in love easily endure pain.

Love activates the same areas of the brain that are suppressed by painkillers.

This makes it easier for lovers to endure pain.

Men in love walk slower.

This is probably because it can adapt to the slightly slower pace of your beloved walking.

It has not been observed that men walk slower with friends, colleagues with whom they have no romantic relationship.

The heartbeat of people who are in love is getting closer.

Incredible, but it is claimed that the hearts of lovers are beating at the same rate.

People who fall in love change the timbre of their voice – they become taller.

Women with male sympathizers speak with a higher voice.

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In addition, sometimes long-lived couples unconsciously begin to echo the timbre and intonation of their partner’s voice.

Love is dazzling. Committed people, often thinking of their partner, overlook other attractive people of the opposite sex.

Love turns into a hero. People who are in love are more likely (though sometimes not necessary) to take risks for a loved one.

Because of this, so many folk tales of brave warriors rescuing princesses from dragon …

Love causes the pupils to expand.

Studies have shown that pupils expand when a person has strong feelings, such as love.

Was that the one who first said that the eyes were the mirror of the soul?

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.William Shakespeare

Love-quote-Mans-face-covered-with-his-hand-and-by-dense-smoke- William-Shakespeare
Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Love quote by William Shakespeare.

Love is Like a Smoke. Love Quote.

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