Does Morning Coffee Really Help People? A Cup of Purple Coffee. [Image]

Morning Coffee

Does morning coffee really help people?

Or is its effect only an illusion?

Many people in the world start their morning with a cup of coffee, but do you drink it out of habit or do you really want a cup of coffee to wake you up?

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If both answers are right for you, we have the bad news, as British scientists have found that people who drink this drink regularly do not benefit at all from their morning cup of coffee.

Researchers at the University of Bristol, UK, have found that people who drink coffee regularly develop tolerance to the effects of caffeine anxiety and stimulation.

This means that coffee only allows these people to reach a basic level of alertness, but nothing more.

But we don’t care, We drink coffee no matter what.

A beautiful shot of morning coffee. Purple, tasty and smells like a wonderland.

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A cup of a purple coffee
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