I Hate Mondays! Face Your Deadlines And Burnouts With Sarcastic Quotes

Is there any chance to make this Monday ''Likeable''?

I hate Mondays!

This phrase has probably been uttered by each of us at least once in our lives on that unfortunate Monday when everything fell out of hand.

But if that phrase sounds in your head every Monday as soon as you wake up, there are probably good reasons for it.

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But why do I hate Mondays? What causes such feelings? And what can we do to fix this?

Let’s begin with the funny quote about Monday:

Maybe Monday doesn’t like you either.

I hate Mondays! Several reasons

Monday is a fantastic – the most amazing – day of the week.

Happy Monday…

But not for everyone.

When it comes to the work context, sometimes people don’t look forward to Mondays very much and get out of bed very hard on Mondays.

Sunday vs Monday. Funny comparison.

For what reasons could this be the case? Especially if we don’t see the point in what we’re doing.

Another nuance is values, that is if our personal values do not coincide with the values of the environment in which we are.

It is also possible that the goals we have set, or that we have set for ourselves are too high and we do not think we can achieve them.

The last category is burnout.

What To Do? How To Make Monday ”Likeable”?

Funny Monday quote big mountain and a man
Funny Monday quote.

 So what can we do in each of these cases, and how can we help ourselves?

At the first moment, if we don’t feel value and meaning in what we do, we need to answer ourselves to the question – what is values to me.

What is the most meaningful thing I do? What tasks make sense to me? What time, what jobs, where my personal energy is invested, is most valuable to me?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we should go back to our work environment and see how much we can integrate it into our current environment, and if we can’t, look for other alternatives – maybe there are some other spaces where we can do it, or maybe we can create one—space for yourself.

Monday as an optional day?

Different values
The next moment – values. If my values ​​as a person, for example, conflict with the environment in which I am. If there are conflicting values, my advice is that the environment is likely to change.

Values ​​are fundamental, which means that both you and other environmental values ​​change very hard.

But sometimes it happens that the values ​​are similar, so it might be worth considering how much we can tolerate that. At this point, it is worth asking ourselves how much we will allow ourselves to be in an environment where our values ​​do not quite coincide.

Set a deadline for how long you can be in such an environment.

Monday is pre-pre-pre-Friday!
Monday is pre-pre-pre-Friday!

Too big goals?

The third moment is our goals or set visions.

Here we should think about how much stress and anxiety it causes us and whether we can achieve it.

If we can’t, we see we don’t have the resources, ask yourself if you really do. Who would help find the answer to this? Just break down your vision or goal into indivisible details.

Maybe Monday doesn’t like you either. Scary Monday quote.

See what work it consists of, what resources, what people, what environment you need.

Sometimes such fragmentation into indivisible parts becomes an eye-opening and inspiring moment for us, which often makes it clear that maybe we can do it.

Why is this happening? When we are divided, we see the work that we can do at the moment, as well as the work that we are not able to do but can learn over time, and the work that we may be able to delegate to someone or ask for help. This is often very surprising because you can move forward.

Monday is great for becoming too busy to die

Burnout is the reason I hate Monday?

Well, and the last thing that is very popular in the world is burnout.

We may not necessarily notice that we have burned out, and that is very dangerous.

A burned-out person not only does not want to get to work in the morning, he feels complete apathy, but he also does not want to do absolutely any job, he feels unhappy and usually infects his environment with a bad mood in the same way.

If you feel this way, there are a few ways. The first is drastic, which I have experienced myself.

Most of us might be related to this sarcastic Monday quote

Is your **** ready to be destroyed?

Deadline. Burnout. Monday. Sarcasm. Motivation.

Take half a year off from all work and go to rest. Do absolutely not what you have done so far. It’s a kind of restart when you can think about what you’d like to do again, how you want to feel, how to restore health, and the like.

We recommend to read this article by Meredith Atwood: Mondays Are Nonsense

If you don’t want to take such a drastic path, you can think of simpler ones. Spend more time relaxing, yourself personally. You can do this not only in the usual ways – sleep for 7 hours or more. In a work environment, divide your work during work.

This means that if you plan to work 3 hours at the computer, you need to think about where to insert the pauses. Every 50 minutes, you have to do completely different things than you did before. If you worked at a computer, go for a walk and come back in 10 minutes. So here are some thoughts, ideas on what you can do when you feel that Mondays are completely unpleasant to you, and you want to change that.

Let’s get this day started. Good Morning! Motivational Monday quote.
Let’s get this day started. Good Morning! Motivational Monday quote.

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