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One Coin To Rule Them All! Funny Bitcoin Quotes For Crypto...

Let's begin with the cruel reality of crypto trading. No matter you hold bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you definitely will relate to this poster. So let's do this. Let's put some of the best bitcoin quotes in one place.

Stay Positive With These Funny Crypto Memes.

When dealing with crypto, you might experience feelings and senses you never felt before. A bull market can bring you joy and take you to wonderland. On the other hand - a bear market can instantly destroy all your dreams like a storm destroys sandcastles.

Funny Crypto Quotes. Every Person Holding Cryptocurrency Should Relate To.

There are two ways to get rich: work or invest. The difference between the two is that work does not allow you to earn more than you can work - so sooner or later, you will reach the limit of working to the maximum and earning accordingly, but you will no longer be able to work better and harder. The only alternative left to increase income will be an investment. In our case - investment in crypto.

I Hate Mondays! Face Your Deadlines And Burnouts With Sarcastic Quotes

I hate Mondays! This phrase has probably been uttered by each of us at least once in our lives on that unfortunate Monday when...

Following the Xmas Magic. How To Take Perfect Christmas Photos.

There is no better family time per year than the Christmas season. At the same time, there is no more characteristic period (maybe except...

100 Life-Changing Inspirational Quotes. Turn Quote Into Action Or Love!

Lack of motivation? Confidence? Inspiration? Ideas? Find the answer you are searching for. Find the perfect quote and change your life forever. Enjoy more than...