The Best Motivational Quotes 2022. Praise Yourself And Stay Positive!

''This year, I will definitely quit smoking "," I will play sports every day, "" I will start saving from the first day. " Heard, right? These are promises that we try to believe every year. Motivational 2022 quotes are about to change it!

2022 is here. Your motivation to move forward might be distracted after this hardcore 2021… With these motivational quotes, we will spark your positivity and determination to succeed again.

Everyone understands and experiences a change in their own way. For some, it is a re-ordered membership of a sports club; for others – a change of residence or work position; for others – just thinking about the minimal changes, a horror runs through your back.

Often change is initiated by a desire to keep up with others. Or attempt to achieve what one has been dreaming about for some time.

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The worst nightmare of perfectionists is to be mediocre.

In the trap of perfectionism: better not to do than to do imperfectly?

The modern culture of achievement is an excellent niche for growing perfectionists.

They are the engine of progress because they strive a lot, work, place significant demands on themselves and others, thus creating many miracles of architecture, art, science, medicine.

There is one “but” – they are never delighted with themselves, which makes a lot of suffering and frustration for themselves.

2022. Where next? Do you have enough motivation to move forward?

Where next? Do you have enough motivation to move forward? Uplifting motivational quote for 2022.

2022 Motivational Quotes. The Pursuit of Perfection Is An Illusion.

Look around – do you see perfect people, trees, buildings?

Is there really one thing you couldn’t come up with suggestions on how to improve?

Often, our New Year’s resolutions reflect what we think is missing in our lives or what we value. These 2022 motivational quotes might help you to find the answer faster

Perfection is an abstraction, a finite something that doesn’t even exist because everything is constantly changing.

Perfection is not even very much found in nature, and we humans are pursuing it for some reason.

Never stop wandering.

Never stop wandering. Beautiful quote for unforgettable 2022.

The other thing is that we usually can’t control the outcome (like many other things in life), so even a great deal of effort won’t really succeed.

So why invest in perfection that exists only in our minds and creates more suffering than happiness?

Work your ass for it.

Work your ass for it. A straightforward motivational quote for unexpected 2022.

Learn to accept your own and others’ imperfections, weaknesses, and strengths. Understanding that life consists of successes and failures, negative and positive emotions – and otherwise will not be, is enough to come to terms with it.

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Keep searching… 2022 might surprise you. 

Keep searching… Motivational words to inspire you in the year 2022

Take control of what depends on you, and let everything else run. Why invest so much energy and time where nothing can influence or change?

Choose your own path.

Choose your own path. Strong motivational message.

It’s self-deception that causes our expectations to be often unmet, which is a huge disappointment.

If you can’t change, learn to enjoy it. Why knock your head on a door to open it? There is a more straightforward approach to life.

Give up Categoricalness. Positive and Inspiring Quotes For 2022.

Perfectionists have an error of thinking “All or nothing,” i.e., evaluates everything to extremes – black or white: either I’m very successful, or a complete loser or I’ll have my dream, or I absolutely don’t need anything, or I want the best partner, or than no one at all.

Less force, more flow.

What a beautiful motivational quote for superb 2022:

Less force, more flow. What a beautiful motivational quote for superb 2022.

Thinking better is entirely illogical. There are many more colors in life than black and white; everything happens/is arranged on a scale (continuum) – one day better, the next worse.

So usually, the situation or well-being is very good or only terrible – it contains many different emotions and possible attitudes.

You deserve it

You deserve a good life in 2022.

Interestingly, such thinking and the pursuit of perfection prevent change. Suppose perfectionists feel that they are not bitten by the highest step they have set.

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In that case, they do not even start or procrastinate for a long time, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, knowing that perfectionists are really hardworking and responsible.

Worry less, sleep more.

Cozy 2022 quote

Worry less, sleep more. Cozy 2022 quote.

Try to critically evaluate your “all or nothing” approach, come up with smaller goals that you can more easily achieve and enjoy – this will increase your motivation for more significant challenges.

It is better to do imperfectly than not do it at all – focus on action rather than reflection.

Rediscover beauty. Look for more beautiful things close to you in the year 2022.

Rediscover beauty. Look for more beautiful things close to you in the year 2022.

Lower Your Expectations For Yourself. Make 2022 A Year Of Love.

When people hear this advice, people are usually scared – if I lower my expectations, won’t it happen that I will not achieve or achieve anything in my life?

Motivational fitness quote for 2022.:

Fix your body.

Motivational fitness quote for 2022. Fix your body.

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The scariest thing for perfectionists is to be mediocre. Paradoxically, however, their great perseverance and diligence never allow them to be limited to small or medium-sized results – even with less effort, they still tend to succeed.

However, when they do not place high demands on them, they need to win, the tension decreases, and relaxed people usually achieve better results.

Positive words to make you smile.

All you need to do in 2022 – relax more!

All you need to do in 2022 – relax more! Positive words to make you smile.

Because they enjoy what they do, are more creative, improvise more efficiently, and are less tired are more productive.

Don’t Measure Your Own And Others Value by Achievements.

Perfectionists have fragile self-esteem. They are deeply convinced that they have to prove/earn their value to the world and themselves with hard work, achievements, “perfect” results.

Enjoy more.

Enjoy more. Breathtaking motivational view of the year 2022.

They believe that they will feel more valuable when they admire others, even though they really want to just be loved unconditionally.

Unfortunately, they are accustomed to constantly measuring/comparing both themselves and others – this creates constant dissatisfaction.

After all, there can always be more successful, more beautiful, more intelligent, so is it worth comparing?

2022 Become invincible

Become invincible. Motivational Poster 2022.

It’s absurd – who said by what criteria could people be distinguished for being better or worse?

Maybe for someone, achievements are not a value at all – does that make him a bad person? Definitely not. All this measurement is subjective, so it is wrong to build all your self-worth on it.

Man is valuable in itself.

Celebrate more in 2022

Celebrate more. 2022 party quote.

Learn to praise yourself not only for outstanding achievements but also for small victories and failures (after all, you learned from them), for what you are like – for the qualities of your way, life experience. It will give you much more joy.

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Like loving others without making such immense demands on them – they don’t want to be friends with perfect people. It’s scary to “get along” with them.

Love quote 2022

Love more in 2022

Love more in 2022. Lovers quote.

And do we really want to be close to each other and be loved? Let’s start with ourselves.

10 steps towards mediocrity:

1. Stay with old ideas: don’t read books, don’t try new things, don’t listen to others, do everything in the usual way.
2. Don’t have goals or have too many.
3. Spend a lot of time on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, IM, etc.).
4. Don’t take time to be alone with yourself and think.
5. Live from salary to salary – spend everything you get.
6. Not being able to say no when you don’t really want to, or when you could make better use of that time.
7. Don’t do what you like the most.
8. Postpone
9. Do not exercise and get rid of harmful habits
10. Fear

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