Shut up and Squat! Motivational Quote for Women. [Image]


Motivational quote for those, who are lazy every day and every minute. Everybody knows, that squats are the best exercise to have a perfect butt.

A beautiful and sporty butt is the thing most women dream about.

Also, everyone knows, that to catch this booty trend you need to workout a lot. That’s why you need some motivational quotes to inspire you.

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Shut up and squat!

Shut up and squat motivational quote.

Why do you need to train your butt?

A nice and sporty butt is needed not only to attract the attention of the people. The trained booty has a lot more pluses. Here’s a small list of them:

  1. It is easier to maintain posture
    The large muscle of the buttocks (gluteus maximus) straightens and captures the body, and it holds a large part of the body’s weight.
  2. Helps to do other sports
    If you like soccer, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey or any other sport (except for chess), this sporty backpack will help you achieve better results.
  3. Be stronger
    The buttocks are a body engine. And not only because it is the largest muscle group, but also because it is involved in all the movements that the body performs.
  4. Stabilization of the spine
    A well-developed large buttock reduces the likelihood of back pain and helps keep your body straight.
  5. Beautiful legs
    Some exercises on the back, such as squats and hypertension, strengthen the thighs’ quadriceps and biceps, so you will immediately solve two problems: you’ll have a nice back and legs.
  6. There is a high probability that you will start to appreciate yourself better
    If you are lucky and your confidence in yourself does not depend on how your skin and hairstyles look today, this sporty backpack will still increase your self-confidence. Because it’s a big challenge that requires a lot of strength, endurance and directionality. If you succeed, it’s a great reason to love yourself even more.
  7. Strong buttock muscles protect joints and tendons
    A sporty back protect against knee and back pain.