Heart Vs Brain. And Infinite Emotional Fight. [Inspirational Picture Quote]

    Probably we all sometimes feel as if two different personalities live inside us.

    Forward!” One side shouts in you.
    Wait, stop! where you are hurry so much!” Another side shouts back.

    According to psychologists, this state is a constant duel of heart and mind.

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    The heart usually behaves like a teenager torn by hormone storms.

    The heart is restless, disconnected, wants to run somewhere spontaneously, offers to dive with his head straight into the flow of crazy feelings.

    She rebels strike the soul, forces her to hurry all the time, to experience something new.

    Do feelings deceive us? Or maybe the mind?

    Heart against Brain. An inspirational Illustration about this infinite fight. 

    Heart versus Brain. Inspirational art. Sometimes it’s tough to choose between the heart and the brain.

    Mind and heart are two eternally opposing phenomena. Which is right, and which is wrong?

    And what is that mind if not a forge of dreams and illusions?

    Feelings arise from contact with the world – sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch.

    When illusions and desires come into contact with the senses – feelings are born – when the senses meet the dreams, those feelings are positive.

    When they do not, we feel sadness, frustration, or anger.

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    If intuitions deceive us, it is only because the mind deceives.

    The sensation will never betray – either it hurts, or it doesn’t. The brain begins to create illusions. It begins to seem that you know why it hurts.

    After all, pain itself – doesn’t the mind create it?

    If the brain were able to think impartially and logically, it might be the mind is right.

    But then there would be no emotions.

    When it comes to mind and heart, this is just the term: neither mind nor heart can exist in isolation from man.

    Can your mind stand up now and go for a walk?

    Or heart, can she go on a pilgrimage to India apart from you?

    We are one; we are thoughts, feelings, and actions – one whole.

    We only believed in fragmentation for some reason, so we often perceive all parts of our personalities as some independent, interdependent individuals living our own lives, which are not always related to us.

    And we still know the source of all the flaws – the ego, and we hate it.

    And when a person is constantly living on the battlefield of his inner fragmentation, how can he act according to his true vocation? How can he realize himself with love, not out of fear, out of inferiority?

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