Lift Weights – Drop Fat: Why Weight Training is Essential for Women Who Want a Body That is Trim, Toned & Tight

    Lift Weights - Drop Fat: Why Weight Training is Essential for Women

    Hey ladies! You are finally about to get some explanation for why it always seems our male counterparts don’t gain weight as easily as we do, nor does it take them long to lose it.

    The explanation is simple. Men’s bodies are naturally composed of more lean muscle than women. Lean muscle burns more calories, even when the body is at rest.

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    So the hamburger a guy downs in 30 seconds at lunchtime is burned off nearly twice as fast as the daintily picked apart and slowly eaten one that you have.

    So the answer is simple.

    The more lean muscle you have, the faster you burn calories and generate more energy. For women, especially, lean muscle is achieved through a consistent resistance workout regimen.

    Cardio workouts consisting of long walks, joint pounding runs, or repetitive elliptical sessions are not only boring but extremely ineffective when trying to achieve lean muscle mass.

    Yes, they burn calories to some extent, and yes, it makes you sweat, but the benefits stop there.

    The minute you step off a piece of cardio equipment, you stop burning calories and have done nothing to turn your fat into muscle.

    However, one whole hour after you re-rack your dumbbells, you are still zapping stubborn fat.

    If lean muscle burns fat more efficiently and fat cells only breed more fat cells, then this seems like a no brainer!

    Train your body to work for you by completing resistance workouts and sculpting lean muscle.

    If not, the same stubborn fat and inches that have never melted on the treadmill will only continue to increase.

    Here are 5 specific reasons women should weight train:

    1. You will see a drastic improvement in your energy levels
    2. You will lose body fat faster than you thought possible
    3. You will reduce the risk of injury, pain, and fatigue even with everyday activity
    4. You will increase overall confidence and wellbeing… physically, emotionally and mentally
    5. You will increase strength and stamina without bulking up. Yes, without bulking up!

    Watch for the follow-up article that will debunk all the myths surrounding how women develop bulky muscle!

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