Get Involved in Self-Organization! Be Stronger Than Your Excuses. Quote.

Do you have any excuses not to workout today? Motivational quote.

Whether you are exercising or not, eating healthy or not, it is all up to you and it is up to you to choose your lifestyle!

Most of us can remember a situation where when we enthusiastically decide to do something, to seek, to receive, after a while we drop everything and go back to the same thing.

Somewhere, the wave of motivation disappears and the hands just lower themselves.

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Let’s justify: I’m innocent – the guilty environment!

For example, the oath to get up early was forgotten the next morning.

The decisions made are changed very often.

Make the decision today to set goals for yourself, to set up action plans and to follow them in a disciplined manner.

 Be Stronger With No Excuses. Inspirational Quote.

Be stronger than your excuses.

Be Stronger With No Excuses. Inspirational Quote.

How to create and develop positive motivation?

Decide what you want. Until you know what you want from life, it will be very difficult for you to “get off the couch, especially if the TV is still on” and start operating.

Don’t be lazy to grab a piece of paper now and answer the questions, “What do I want? Do I know exactly what I want to do?”

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If you do not know, then it is understandable why nothing is being done because you simply have no idea where to start and what to take.

In that case, set goals! Don’t wait for someone to set them for you. Choose where and how you want to go, what to pursue. Otherwise, others will judge for you.

And if you already know what you want and don’t do, then how?

“I have no conditions, resources, resources, finances, dating, …” and many more excuses.

Excuses excuses, but what about will and self-discipline?

These are your habits, ability to do certain tasks, actions regardless of your emotional state (I have difficulty, I am depressed, I am incapacitated, I am too weak, poor, etc.).

Self-discipline required – agreement with yourself or promise to yourself.

Notice how often you break the word you give yourself and how often you keep the word to the other person because you want to show yourself good or avoid criticism.

No excuses today. Motivational quote.

What makes a person move and overcome obstacles to achieve goals?

Clarity and vision of the goal you set. You need to understand what you really want and what you expect. This will lead to a clear roadmap. Come on! Get up, stand up, sign, because everything starts with the first step.

Do not compare yourself with others. Get on with yourself.

Look for like-minded people who want to create, move forward, support you, and help you achieve what you want. Meet new people. Especially those who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Get involved in self-organization! Plan your actions carefully to achieve your goals. Make plans – This will not only save you the time of distraction of what to do.

Be optimistic. Remember that motivation, stubbornness is always within you – in other words, only your reaction to external events or circumstances determines your future choices. Consider that the same event can be a strong incentive to move forward.

Praise yourself for all your efforts, because you know that any action forces you to leave familiar comfort zones, and this is certainly a source of tension and stress due to uncertainty.

Don’t forget to take a break. It is no secret that if a person works for a long time with the greatest tension, tired, overestimated, it leads to stress and unwillingness. However, let it not turn into a daily rest on the couch with the TV on.

Don’t delay! We allow ourselves to postpone scheduled work for another day and another, hoping that you will complete it.

Of course you do most of them. However, every day there are new plans and activities that come up and some that have been planned and delayed are forgotten or deleted. Sometimes it is rational, but sometimes it makes you think over your head.

How intentionally all of you need this or that at the same time, and you are no longer in a state of tension, day and night rhythm, mood loss, loss of control.

What to do?

Big tasks, if it is possible to turn them into many smaller ones; look for people, information that can help you get the job done.

Don’t wait for everything to start “burning”: no time, no result, no trust in you, and so on. Develop the habit of completing tasks on time – it will make you feel confident.

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