Office workout — The Global Trend For Hardworking People. [+Posters]

Office workout — the global trend in front of your eyes.

Let’s admit that if we are working on a sitting job, we feel like we are crazy at the end of the day.

It hurts the neck, spine, and the legs do not bend at the legs stand. But here’s just the little buds comparing what’s waiting in the future.

Over time, if we sit and do not exercise, these unpleasant sensations will grow into chronic diseases.

The short office workout will help to avoid back pain at work and feel good until the end of the workday.

It is recommended to do it in the office or just at your workplace during the lunch break, and if possible and more often.

Short, but effective office exercises

If you do these exercises in accordance with the instructions, not only will your well-being be better, but also your ability to work.

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What to do? Just dedicate 5 minutes of your time to an office workout routine. Infographic below:

The 5-minute office workout

Office workout

Journey to a better office life

The computer has invaded all areas of our lives. We live in a technology age and in many cases, our workplace is unthinkable without a computer.

Not only do we work with it, but we also let it go, it’s free time: we surf the internet, we chat with our friends, read the news, we write letters or we are doing other pleasant activities.

Information technology facilitates work for many, saves time, increases opportunities, makes better use of mental skills, and puts ideas into practice. There are many pluses, but there are minuses.

There was also a “computer age disease” with computers. Computer workers complain of neck, shoulders, back pain, tired and irritable eyes, dry skin, headaches, fatigue.

In addition to physical health problems, the computer causes emotional tension or even addiction. Computer time is running undetected.

However, one must remember one basic rule – take breaks, let yourself relax, soften your spine and eyes. After the rest, fatigue passes, the person can work more efficiently.

Office Workout. Chair exercises.

When sitting all day

There are two important things you need to take into account during your work.

First of all, you just have to sit right. So, the back should be straight. You have to move forward through the hip joint, not through the spine. Keep your head straight, do not drop it down.

Make sure that the chair slope is correct – it should be on the roadside and not in the pelvis. In this case, you will avoid the back lumbar muscles and the hind limb muscles.

It will be easier to maintain a straight position. Keep your shoulders straight, don’t let them go down and down.

Secondly, you need to move for some time at least somewhat to maintain a little more active blood circulation and to improve the oxygen supply to the tissues.

Simple exercises for office workout.

Office workout simple exercises (1)