Free Workout Program At-Home With No Equipment Required.

All family members can use this free workout program.

This is a full-body workout that requires absolutely no equipment, just some space to complete the exercises listed in the plan.

It has been designed for those who are short on time, are new to the gym, or who just want something to fill in the gaps between gym days or days they cannot make it to the gym.

It can be done anywhere provided you have sufficient space. The exercises are laid out in a circuit style order so that you are working for different muscle groups each exercise.

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The aim is to be able to complete the 10x exercises with 12 reps per exercise for the complete set with good form.

If you are a beginner, you could aim for 4-6 reps for each exercise at first (or whatever you can manage) with up to a 30-second break in between exercises, and then each time you workout, add in as many reps as you can per exercise as you progress and look to reduce the rest break in between.

I would suggest tracking your workouts in a workout diary/workbook that you have. This will help to record your reps per exercise to ensure you are in a position to improve week by week.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin …

WORKOUT NOTES: For the warm-up, just gentle jogging on the spot would suffice. The aim is to raise the heart rate, get the blood pumping, and lubricate the joints ready for exercise.

The stretches / Priming moves are designed to prepare the body for exercise Aim to complete as many reps as you can per exercise but aim for a maximum of 12 reps. Note how many reps you complete per exercise.

Aim for minimal rest between each exercise but up to 30 seconds. 2-3 minutes rest between sets, opt for Active rest if you want to keep heart rate elevated.

This workout is designed to be progressive so tracking progress will help ensure this over time.

Complete up to 2-3 sets of the 10 exercises per session and try to improve on reps and/or your form each time.

For the cool down, you can adopt similar to the warm-up just with much less exertion. The aim is to reduce the heart rate gradually but also to aid Venus’s return.

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The intensity of the workout can be increased or decreased, dependent on your abilities. You can simplify each movement or intensify them accordingly, or alternatively, you can reduce or extend the rest periods between sets. Adjusting the Tempo is also a method of altering the intensity.


RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion, and I like to think of this as a

scale of effort between 1-10, with one being extremely easy and ten being almost impossible. If we look at the warmup, this should be approx a 5/6

out of 10, whereas the workout wants to be around 7/8 out of 10, with the last rep closer to a 9/10 effort.


The Frequency of the workout plan is solely dependent on the individual. If this is used to complement a structured gym or training routine, this can be used as required; however, if this is your primary workout program, I would suggest starting with 2 – 3 per week and seeing how you get on.

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Simple, Efficient, And Free Workout Program Suitable For Everyone

No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping people on the couch! 

This workout program is suitable for all age groups.


Jogging on the Spot5-10 minsTry to work up to a 5 / 10 effort level and get the body
warm, heart rate elevated, joints lubricated, and CNS firing
Shoulder / Arm Rotations2010 x rotations forward and 10 x rotations backwards = 20 x
rotations per arm
Chest Hug / Flies101 x Hug and 1 x Fly = 1 x Repetition (rep)
Hip Twists20Each turn to the side = 1 x Repetition (rep)
Kneeling Stretch6Hold for 10 x seconds on each Repetition (rep)
Toe Touches3Hold for 10 x seconds on each Repetition (rep)
When doing this free workout program do not forget warm-up and stretches

Make Home Fitness Fun. Free Workout Program For Women and Men. 

Don’t Forget to consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

Let begin with an easy workout program for women: 

Full body workout for women. Simple and easy gym exercises.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all once. Gradually ease into a routine that will work for you. 

Make Home Fitness Fun.  Free Workout Program For Everyone. Poster.

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15min abs workout at home:

Push Ups 12 | 7-8 | >30SHands shoulder-width apart in line with your nipples. Aim to bend your arms to 90* to your torso, These can be done kneeling if required. Predominantly works the chest and arms.
Squats 12 | 7-8 | >30SFeet shoulder with apart. Bend at the knees and try to maintain a neutral spine. Engage your core for stability and look straight ahead. Predominantly works in front of legs.
Spider Mans 12 | 7-8 | >30SAs per Push up position, try to bring the knee up as far as you can to the elbow whilst remaining in a stable position. Predominantly works the core.
Static Lunges12 | 7-8 | >30SFeet hip with apart and approx 3 x this front to back. Bend the front knee and lower body. Engage your core for stability and look straight ahead. Predominantly works in front of legs.
Pike Push Ups12 | 7-8 | >30SAs per Push up position however lift your hips into an upside-down ‘V’ position and lower your chest to the floor whilst keeping your core engaged. Predominantly works the shoulders
and arms
Donkey Kicks12 | 7-8 | >30SOn all fours, knees hip-width with apart. Drive your leg back and upwards and squeeze and hold at the top. Engage your core for stability and look straight down. Predominantly works back of legs and bum
Diamond Push Ups12 | 7-8 | >30SAs per push up position but hands under the middle of the chest with thumbs touching and in line with your nipples. Aim to bend your arms to 90* to your torso, These can be done kneeling if required. Predominantly works the chest and arms
Back Raise / Extensions12 | 7-8 | >30SLay flat on the floor with feet and hands touching the ground. Raise upper chest and head from the mat and
hold for 2 seconds before lowering back down. Predominantly works lower back.
Glute Bridges12 | 7-8 | >30SLay on your back with feet flat on the floor as close to your bum as you can. Drive hips to the ceiling and hold at the top of the movement. Keep Shoulders and hands-on the floor. Predominantly works backs of legs and bum.
Plank| – | >30SAs per push up position but resting upper body on elbows. Elbows directly below shoulders and squeeze the core to support the body in this position. Make sure to regulate breathing. Predominantly works the core.
Free Workout Plan. 10 Core exercises with no-equipment. Easy to do at home.

Things You Need To Know When Following Any Other Workout Program

There is no secret that if you want to be healthy, improve your body lines, lose a few unnecessary pounds, and achieve your goals – the best recipe is sports.

We’ve already come up with essential and helpful workout tips for beginners, so here are a few more rules that everyone should follow to ensure that sport delivers only positive benefits and intrinsic satisfaction.

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1. Enjoy sports

If you don’t like the exercises you do at all and shake off as soon as you think about them, such a sport is worth nothing. Plowing in the gym should not become an unpleasant obligation.

What to do? It is advisable to look at complex exercises as a particular challenge. Plus, in addition to challenging workouts, you can do more enjoyable, inspiring, and lighter exercises that will help you feel better.

2. Give yourself all over yourself

On average, a workout at a gym takes just 30-60 minutes of your day. So make the most of this time and give yourself all yourself in the gym. Remember that sometimes you have to “kick your ass”. The best indicator of a successful workout is definitely not a cute face, but shed sweat and swollen hair.

3. Train your strength and endurance

Include strength and endurance exercises in your workout at least 3 times a week, and focus on all the critical areas of your body. You can try weight training, and if you want your muscles to grow faster, add extra weight. The arithmetic is simple: more muscle equals more calories burned.

If you still lazy and need some workout motivation check this insane article: The Moment I Began To Sculpt My Body. Motivational Fitness Quotes.

While it is a well-established stereotype in society that weight training is only needed for bodybuilding athletes, there is no doubt that the benefits of this type of training are endless.

Excellent health, reduction of the risk of various diseases, healthy body, bone mineral density, metabolism, satisfying results of sports activities, good cardiovascular work – can be named for a very long time.

If you want to feel and look good, maintain strong bones, organs, and a healthy metabolism, you need to include weight training in your exercise program.

4. Combine different workouts

Waking up to running every day? Your muscles also wake up from the same workout. Try to combine different workouts and exercises, and don’t forget to try something completely new at least once a month. It’s a great way to challenge yourself while avoiding fatigue injuries.

5. Eat properly

Your body needs protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

So recharge your energy before and after each workout.

What to add to your menu? These can be fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, lean protein products, nuts, seeds. Of course, don’t forget the water! Proper nutrition is indispensable for building muscle, getting rid of unnecessary fat, and feeling energetic.

Exercise to the fullest!

An integral part of an athlete, drawing up a diet plan and following it. A nutrition plan is developed after consultation with a nutritionist, taking into account individual nutritional needs and goals to be achieved, as the nutrition plan is different for each person.

This free workout program takes into account physical and emotional state, well-being, physical activity, desires, needs, opportunities, height, weight, age, and other factors that determine dietary choices and health.

Set Goals And Reward Yourself. Be A Strong Women. 

You decided to visit the gym five times a week, and you succeeded?

Great, but don’t let all the hard work breeze by selecting to indulge in a greasy burger. Try not to think of food as an award.

Instead, choose what will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. For example, you can give yourself a new sports outfit, buy a motivational book, or a grinder for healthy cocktails.

Take a break

Rest is no less important than workouts. So devote at least two days a week to him alone. Ideally, you should choose a pleasant walk in the woods or a bike ride. But, let’s face it, everyone sometimes needs to get in bed and dive into a marathon of series.

How to motivate yourself for sports?

  • Think of it as a responsibility, i.e., feeling similar to going to work/lectures.
  • Take your time: instead of not coming to the workout at all, because you don’t really want to exercise on a particular day – simply reduce your workout load.
  • Think about it. Many people are looking for excuses for not going to a workout. Prepare clothing, hygiene items, and an evening towel. Then you will definitely manage to go.
  • Don’t live in a routine. Sport can help you escape that sad routine.
  • Track progress. Measure your volume; weigh it. Think about the fact that maybe not going to workout today will not lose that kilogram that often interferes with life. 🙂
  • Rhythm. The most important thing is to make sports a part of your daily routine. Then there will not even be such a question of whether to go to a workout or not. Everything will look very normal, and you will feel weird if you don’t go.

Sport is a real joy. It can help you escape the routine, avoid depression and sad thoughts. If you’re just starting to think about being lazy to go to a workout, quickly throw yourself aside and head to the gym!

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