Ab Exercises With No Equipment [infographic]

Ab exercises with no equipment. Does it really work?

Well, well, well…

Finally, you decided to get your body back! Congrats, my dear!

Fear, money, time, and lack of will are the four main obstacles that prevent us from starting going to the gym, continuing a healthy lifestyle, and/or consolidating the results we have achieved.

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Let be honest, the most important thing – lack of will.

Do you believe that your working hours are indefinite? This is another lazy excuse, like many other convenient reasons.

Define how long or how long you will work. If there are periods when you really have to spend more than 8 hours at work, you will just benefit from 40-50 minutes of active breaks: you will feel better and work more productively.

Stop making excuses, and let’s do it!

  • Want an ideal abdominal press?
  • But for some reason, you can’t or won’t go to the gym?

You have to try Ab exercises with no equipment!

Proper body positioning is essential to the maximal development of the abs while protecting your back from injury!

One of the most important aspects to understand in order to best develop the abs is to maintain a proper posterior pelvic tilt during ab training.

If there is no time or opportunity to take the sport ”seriously”, there is no big deal.

Work at home!

If you still lazy to do some exercises, there is a perfect sarcastic inspirational quote for you:

Don’t go to the gym. Go to the beach. But Will You Be Happy? 

We offer several virtual exercise posters for which you will not spend much time, but will enjoy a more beautiful abdominal press.

For Women. Ab Exercises. No-equipment.

For Men. Ab Exercises. No-equipment.

Ab Exercises. No-equipment. How to Train Your Body Without Heavy Weights.

Before jumping an ab workout routine you must consider these tips:

  • The first exercise – warm-up, about 10-15 minutes. Do stretching exercises.
  • Assess your strengths and opportunities. If you are not exercising at all, do not overstep the sticks: do not try to do all the exercises immediately, because the next day you will feel well absorbed due to muscle bathing.
  • In order to be able to do sports at home properly, first evaluate your health, injuries, illnesses, and so on. If you have more serious troubles, you should not take self-help and first consult an experienced trainer.
  • If you want a nice tummy, you should combine the exercises with a healthy diet. Inappropriate food and fine press – incompatible things!
  • Exercise regularly. If you do a week of sports and the other is not, don’t expect the desired result. For the exercises to be effective, the optimal option is to exercise three times a week.
  • Pregnant women and women who have recently given birth should be advised to consult a specialist before using the tummy.
  • When exercising, try to change them so that your abdominal muscles do not get stuck to the same load.
  • Use workout apps as a personal trainer.

Ladies! Time to reduce your body fat!

Ladies! Time to reduce your body fat! Inspirational workout quote for women.

And now with less talk, more work!

Abs Workouts For Women. Gym Routines For Beginners.

For your attention – exercise complexes, which allow you to improve your tummy and not just your muscles.

Exercising your muscles in the easiest way.

Flat Abs in 5 minutes, quick and efficient:

Fast and easy abs workout in 5 mins

Flat Abs in 10 minutes:

Abs workout in 10 minutes.

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Ab exercises for women. Best workouts:

Ab exercises for women. The best workouts.

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The standing abs workout for women:

The standing abs workout for women.

The main ab exercises with no equipment. Poster.

Ab exercises no-equipment. Source: darebee.com

Here is an extra ABS challenge. 30 days.

Simple and easy 30 day Abs challenge. Simple but very effective Ab exercises for women.

To explain this concept, think of yourself lying on the floor while arching your back.

Check the gif animations below, pay attention to the intensity of the abs exercises, the speed of the performance.

Exercises are carried out without interruption, at a relatively fast pace. You can do a 2-minute exercise series at home, lying on the floor directly on the carpet or on the gym towel.

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Simple Journey to a Six-pack. Workout Routine.

No Pain, No gain, Shut Up, And Train. Workout Quote To Lift Your Motivation During Ab Exercises. Workout quote

Before begin to remember this workout quote:

No pain no gain shut up and train

Full body workout program for women:

Full body workout for women. Poster.

Loosening to keep the shoulders up and return to the starting position, do not touch the floor.

A balanced approach will be much better.

The recommendation to minimize hip flexor activity during ab training stems from the thought that excessive psoas activation during attempts at ab training creates compressive forces on the discs of the lumbar spine.

The psoas attaches to the lower spinal vertebrae.

When the psoas is activated to a high degree, they pull on the lower spine, creating compressive forces on the discs. If your abs are very strong, the abs will keep the back from arching and prevent damage from occurring.

However, even those with strong abs may not be able to keep the back from arching once the abs have fatigued. Once the back arches during heavy psoas activity, the vertebrae around the psoas attachment can grind together, potentially resulting in disc degeneration over time.

Now with all of that said, I believe that a balanced approach is best and that you must focus on building both strong hip flexors and strong abdominals. Strong hip flexors are necessary to improve on movements such as sprinting or any other movements involving hip flexion.

As long as you perform the exercises in this manual with the correct body positioning, you will develop very strong abdominals to protect your back, and you will also develop sufficient hip flexor strength.

I do believe that there are certain exercises that are both ineffective and can potentially put undue stress on the lower back. Some of these exercises that I recommend you avoid are straight-legged sit-ups, sit-ups with the feet supported, hanging leg raises with an arched back, floor leg raises with straight legs and an arched back, and machine crunches.

So How Long should Your Ab Training Take?

One of the reasons that many people who spend half an hour during each workout doing hundreds of crunches fail to ever develop six pack abs is that after a certain point, regular old crunches just don’t provide much resistance to develop your abs.

In addition, all of the time wasted doing crunches or other minimally resistive ab exercises (i.e. working for a very small muscle group) could have been better utilized by working larger muscle groups that burn more calories.

By focusing the majority of your time in the gym on bigger compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and upper body multi-joint presses and pulls, your body is forced to work harder and burn more calories during and after the workout.

Don’t get me wrong, crunches can have their place in a routine, especially for beginners, and advanced versions of crunches can even be challenging enough for well-trained athletes.

So how long should your ab training take? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to
spend a half-hour or more every day training abs. You can complete an intense ab training session in about 5-10 minutes during your workouts, either at the end or at the beginning of your workout, or on a separate day.

Ab Workout challenge For Women

Transformation in progress poster:

Flat belly challenge for women. Transformation in progress workout plan poster.

We would recommend doing your ab training at the end of your workouts to assure that you don’t pre-exhaust the abs when you might need their stabilization to protect your back during some of the bigger compound exercises that might make up your workout.

If you still need workout motivation check this funny and inspirational post: The Moment I Began To Sculpt My Body. Motivational Fitness Quotes.

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