Attention! Buttocks, Buttocks and One More Time – Beautiful Buttocks!

Buttocks in on the beach

From the way you look from the back, your success depends on the eyes of the opposite sex, and your self-esteem.

If the sedentary lifestyle has left the buttocks out of all possible limits and out of its shape and the only one exercising your zeal – squats on the couch with cookies in a full dish, it’s unbelievable to wonder about such results.

Fitness professional and not amateur advice from the Internet can fix the situation.

Top exercises for beautiful buttocks

Only regular wraps and dropping buttocks can be formed by regular workouts, which will make it a little tricky. It is also important that such workouts include a variety of exercises, both basic and isolated.

  1. How to grow beautiful buttocks

    how to grow buttocks

Before continue, check this beautiful buttocks guide:

Buttocks Exercises. No Magic.

It’s possible for a long and tedious way to surf the Internet, looking at an incredibly easy way to lift the buttocks, but your buttocks have been dropping, and so will it remain, till you decide to change your mind.

There is no magic booty exercise, which only takes three minutes a day, could make the swollen buttocks turn into a real nut. There is no such exercise or hack and can not be.


The Beautiful Buttocks. What? How? When?

The buttocks are made up of three major muscles – large, middle and small. The little muscle, despite its modest name, plays a very important role – it gives it a ruggedness.

Therefore, the training of the lower abdominal muscle must be included in the training for the buttocks.

5 simple steps for perfect buttocks:

  1. Squats
  2. Variuos but simple leg exercises
  3. Straight leg exercise
  4. Lifting pelvis
  5. Isolated legs lifts

Shortened exercise list to have a beautiful buttocks

1. If you want to enjoy an ideal looking underarm, the main and most important exercise for you is squats, preferably with a weight or at least with resistance in the form of a shock absorber.

Squats are different: classic, semi, deep, “plie” type, keeping one’s legs next to each other, etc. All these types of squats work perfectly with your feet, your back and adjust the shape.

More specifically, for the benefit of the buttocks, it is important to distinguish between deep, “plie” type squats and squats keeping one another’s feet apart.

Prior to taking full-time training, focus on mastering the technique. Here are the basic rules: the back is straight and “hard”, the knees are held at the level of the toes, the main load is on the buttocks and hips, the heels do not go up at the floor, the breathing is correct (allowing breathing, ascending – exhaling).

Deep squats perfectly raise your buttocks, so do not save your strength and perform these exercises qualitatively.

2. The second less important exercise is the most varied moves. There are three types of this type of exercise for the buttocks: pushing forward, back and transverse.

During this type of exercise, it is necessary to tighten the buttocks, stretch the forehead, stand up to the correct heel, descend as deeply as possible, and the steps must be as wide as possible.

When exercising it is important to track the roads, the angle between the road and the base should not be less than 90 degrees.

3. The third exercise is performed on straight legs. This exercise is basic, i.e. y Not only the buttocks, but also the muscles of the lower extremity and the lower back, are used to train it.

Naturally, the additional effect on motivation is only further increasing. So take the weights, stand upright, hold your legs slightly wider than your shoulder straps, slightly bend your knees, and hold your back straight.

Lower and lift the body back and shrink the buttock muscles, do not strain your hands and back at this time, imagine that you are a crane for lifting a load.

4. Lifting the pelvic exercise is especially useful in cases where the buttocks lack tightness.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet as close as possible to the pelvis, hold the shoulder at a level, hold your hands along the body as a support.

Tighten the buttocks, lift the bowl from the floor, maximally squeezing the muscles. To increase the effect, you can climb your fingers or use legs as a support.

5. Lifting the knee lowered leg, straight leg lift. This exercise is isolated, it provides the opportunity to purposefully train the small buttock muscle.

Initial position – craning, on the knees and elbows, the abdomen is inserted, the bowl does not move during exercise. Lift and lower your foot with a curved path (initially one, then another).

Upon raising the leg, the position can be captured and slightly padded. Each exercise should be repeated at least 12-15 times during 3-4 sessions.

It is important to not use it, because the exercise is not properly correct, the effect will not. It’s a good idea to use a kiss-type exercise to keep your training foot up on the platform, such as a platform for the step-by-step so that the muscles of the buttocks work for maximum efficiency.

Being in the gym, pay attention to trainers to push back legs. The more you perform the various exercises, the better results you can expect. Take advantage of the opportunity to climb the mountains or walk on a running track with a climb.

It is useful to increase the load by adding extra weight, however, while grabbing a fork or a weighbridge, you must master the technique that should be perfect.

The exercises for the buttocks are best done every other day, and later, once you learn how to handle them correctly and you can use additional weights, it’s enough to train a couple of times a week. Of course, a prerequisite is that you train hard and get busy.