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To The Mind That Is still, The Whole Universe Surrenders. Quote. Lao Tzu.

To The Mind That Is Still, The Whole Universe Surrenders. Inspirational Quote.

What we think about most often becomes reality.

Therefore, it is an extremely important filter for the information we receive.

Social networks, colleagues, in-car radio, or books are all about what to think.

And it encourages action.

So in order to live our values, we have to choose carefully what information we hear.

Of course, we cannot control everything, but we can do the essentials.

Gratitude to our subconscious sends a signal that we are succeeding in life and that it encourages us to succeed.

Creating thoughts about the plethora of pleasurable things builds your self-confidence, which allows you to get rid of inhibiting beliefs and take productive action.

Negative thoughts, in turn, create beliefs and fears that lock us in and prevent us from reaching our goals.

They encourage you to take risks, protect yourself, and spend a lot of time doing distracting activities that can make you forget.

Still Mind. Inspirational Quote.

As we think about what we already have, how we can make others happy, and what we have learned, we program ourselves to be joyful.

If we are more likely to spark an inspirational thought, a pleasant affair with a loved one, or a ridiculous phrase rather than something that has caused us anxiety, then we are preparing the ground for meaningful life and fullness.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. Lao Tzu

The power of imagination makes us infinite. Inspirational Quote by John Muir
Still mind… Photo by Fletcher Clay on Unsplash

Still mind — whole Universe in your sight

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