Give A Girl The Right Shoes, And She Can Conquer The World. Quote.

I love shoes. Quote.

Can a new pair of shoes make you happy?

The answer is — yes.

It is said that statistics is the most powerful tool and it never lies.

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And the footwear market is so demanding and changing.

You also know, that nice is not only fashion and style, it is convenience, comfort, and lifestyle.

If You want to take a confident and solid step to the elite?

It can only be a kind of good and high-quality shoes.

The shoe industry is growing rapidly.

Love for Shoes. Quote.

Have you ever thought of putting on your new shoes and thinking — how much time did it take to make them?

And who produced them? In 2018 according to data, 6 out of 10 boots in the world were made in China.

And if you ever thought of buying an unnecessary but very beautiful pair of shoes, consider these stats.

Based on American and European average – the statistical woman has even 21 pairs of shoes, man is 12. And only 3 pairs of them are used constantly!

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This is driven by the changing trend in fashion and the growing economic conditions.

The wide variety of footwear and the easy availability of products on retail channels stimulate the purchase of consumer impulses.

The popularity of sports footwear and footwear for nature-friendly has increased significantly over the past year.

This has led to the abandonment of giant leather, glue, plastic, and rubber, and the promotion of ecological life.

People’s wellness trends increase the purchase of sports shoes, sports shoes conquer the world and the hearts of people, more and more people are choosing sportswear boots, especially this trend is noticeable among women.

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe

Loving shoes…Love Quote.

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