Blue Whale in the Sky. Inspirational Quote About Life. [Photo Manipulation]

Imagination Will Take You Everywhere. Photo by Tomasz Zaczeniuk

Research shows that dreaming is healthy!

Because the brain simply can’t concentrate on a hard day, and it’s reckless to force them to do so.

Because dreaming enhances creativity, develops imagination, improves mood and memory, lowers blood pressure, increases compassion for other living beings…

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Who will say that all of the above are not good mental or physical health sighs?

While it is argued that to solve a complex task you must focus on it.

But a tense mind has its cost: it prevents creative connections that stimulate insight.

Is there any way to solve a desperate task?

Lie on a couch in front of a sunny window.

Dreaming, strolling around often helps.

This happens when you see things others don’t.

Blue Whale in the Sky. Surreal Photography.

This artistic photo with quote about life shows how awesome your imagination can be.

A man with a kayak sails through the sky and sees himself in front of a huge whale.

This dream photography shows us the power of fantasy.

Sometimes it’s just a little bit of creativity that will put you in the fantasy world, so relax and live your life as you’ve always dreamed of…

The man who has no imagination has no wings. Muhammad Ali

Whale in the Sky. No Quote.

Dreams world… Blue whale in the sky. Photo Manipulation.

Whale in the Sky. Inspirational Quote.

Dreams world… Blue whale in the sky. Photo manipulation.
Whale in the sky. RafyA

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