Baldness Is Not A Problem. Inspiration For Hair Loss. [Positive Quotes]

    Baldness. We all have complexes, flaws in our bodies, scratches that are sometimes hard to accept.

    Like most of you, psychologists are tired of hearing those relentless and destructive tips in advertisements, magazines, reality shows, books, and blogs:

    How to grow hair fast! Cure for baldness! Never be bald again! The best treatment for hair loss!

    We are so accustomed to being constantly told what needs to be adjusted, that we are forgetting that the very “adjustment” itself does not make us feel attractive.

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    Psychologists believe that a positive attitude towards yourself requires inner work that always pays off

    If a person does not emphasize his shortcomings, others will notice them less.

    Our “I” is much more than just our exterior – our eyes, teeth, or hair, so it is worth developing the habit of looking at ourselves more openly and forgivingly, learning to notice what we have in ourselves.

    Inspirational Quotes For Hair Loss.

    Bald? Flaws in Our Bodies? Not In This Case.

    An inspirational quote to ease your worries about being bald.
    1. We all deserve to feel positive about how we look, and no matter what others think!
    2. Remember, no one is perfect, but everyone has at least a couple of attractive features. They can boost your self-confidence. You can learn to use them to boost confidence in your beauty.
    3. We are our own harshest critics. Few people would find as many flaws in our appearance as we do ourselves. We can change the way we talk about ourselves by replacing negative thoughts and inaccurate ‘internal dialogues’ with more positive and realistic ones.
    4. Instead of being critical of yourself, look at what you have best.
    5. The basis of self-confidence is our personality, not physical traits – even if our culture makes us think otherwise. Physical beauty is just one aspect of our identity. The attractiveness lies elsewhere.
    6. We are so accustomed to being constantly told what needs to be adjusted, that we are forgetting that the very “adjustment” itself does not make us feel attractive.
    7. Misconceptions about hair loss that have been instilled in us from a minority, but you can change them.
    Baldness is not a problem. Look at what you have best. Inspirational quote for hair loss.

    To Get Your Self-Confidence Back, You Must Know A Bit More About Hair Loss.

    Baldness is one of those most common male problems that cause a huge psychological blow.

    No one wants to grow old, and baldness is like the first sign that youth is leaving you little by little.

    No one will stop time, but scientists already have an idea of how to make hair grow again.

    There are many “real products” on the market that promise to stop baldness.

    It’s a billion-dollar market, largely based on men’s self-doubt and, perhaps, an over-emphasis on appearance.

    Most of those products don’t work.

    No matter what exotic lands their active ingredients are extracted from, no matter how many imaginary dermatologists recommend a particular product and no matter how many shoppers line up, most men still remain frustrated.

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    Scientists urge not to waste money.

    Yes, there are some products that can help, but there are no ones that are very effective.

    In addition, they can cause side effects.

    But hope is not lost.

    Scientists know that hair follicles don’t die for themselves anyway – they just shrink.

    Follicle growth cycles are regulated by papillary cells of the skin.

    So, she would be able to urge those cells, the follicles would recover and the hair would start to grow again.

    Researchers at North Carolina State University have now discovered micro-RNA (miR-218-5p), a molecule that can help grow healthy skin papillary cells to revitalize follicles.

    The researchers have already performed experiments on mice.

    Injection into the bald spots was not only stopped but also cured the hair follicle cell cultures – the mice regained 90% of the hair in that area within 15 days.

    The most effective preparation in this study was 3D-structured cells in the keratin structure.

    Keratin helps skin papillary cells stay where they are needed most.

    That’s it – is baldness cured?

    Well, not quite. This therapy would be too complicated and expensive.

    Cells should be harvested from patients, cultured, preserved, and injected into the scalp at multiple sites.

    However, the researchers believe that miR-218-5p can be used in a simple lotion.

    It wouldn’t be as effective, but it just means it would have to be used for longer to achieve the same result.

    This solution would be cheaper (still very expensive) but safer, painless, and versatile. However, it will take more than a year for this study to become a product, if at all.

    But have you ever noticed that all men balding more or less the same way?

    In time, the top of the head no longer has hair, and here at the fringes, you can still see the remnants of past youth.

    Maybe you shouldn’t say that because some men start getting bald early enough.

    This is often a difficult time.

    The denial is replaced by desperate attempts to preserve the hair, then an attempt is made to mask the baldness, and finally, the reconciliation is reconciled and the new look is accepted as it is.

    The good thing is, at least, that women are not bothered by men’s baldness at all, and some even like them very much.

    Most men lose their hair for one reason – androgenic baldness.

    It is determined by genetics.

    Baldness can start in different ways.

    Usually, the areas above the corners of the forehead (above the incisors) begin to bald, then the back of the scalp contributes.

    Finally, the entire scalp is bald, and here the hair on the sides of the head and on the nape of the head stays longer.

    Sometimes even for decades or until the end of life – they can last a very long time.

    In fact, it is not known exactly why such a pattern of male pattern baldness is most prevalent.

    The best guess is that the hair follicles on the sides of the head are just stronger.

    Dermatologist Marc Glashofer explains that hair follicles on the sides and nape of the head are genetically programmed to act almost like stem cells.

    According to the doctor, these follicles are stronger and stronger, so they become thinner much more slowly.

    This is why follicles are taken from these areas for hair transplant procedures.

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    The Hair Follicles Are Different

    This is how doctors found out that the follicles are different.

    When transplanted, they remain – they have enough nutrients and oxygen to grow on the scalp.

    This means that the follicles in the scalp themselves are genetically programmed to stop growing hair – the process is not due to other skin changes.

    As a result, those drugs that claim to be able to stimulate hair growth simply by activating blood circulation are not really effective.

    Hair transplantation is also not an eternal solution – the follicles of the occiput and scalp are also thinning, so after transplanting they stop growing hair after a few years (or decades).

    Transplantation has another drawback.

    When follicles are taken from the sides of the occiput or head and transplanted to the head, the person is not yet completely bald.

    This means that native scalp hair will continue to be sparse and transplanted will remain.

    A man’s head may look bad because bare patches will appear in unexpected places.

    Is the procedure worth the cost, inconvenience, and pain?

    Thousands of men think so, and others just tilt their bare heads – it is better to come to terms with an irresistible fate in advance.

    Baldness research from Japan

    Researchers from Yokohama State University believe they have already found a very promising method.

    The key to their success is polydimethylsiloxane.

    It is a very well-known ingredient also found in silicones used in McDonald’s fried fries.

    However, polydimethylsiloxane is not used on the skin or taken orally – this chemical simply helps to grow new follicles in a petri dish that can later be transplanted to humans.

    Or mice, as the scientists did. The new follicles took root easily and black hair began to grow in those areas.

    Polydimethylsiloxane has helped to grow follicle cultures and, according to the researchers, it would not have been possible to achieve anything like it.

    However, polydimethylsiloxane itself cannot regrow your hair – if you rub the potatoes in your bare every day, your hair would still not grow back.

    However, scientists have not yet been able to switch to human testing.

    The composition of human hair is not quite like that of mice.

    It is also unclear whether it will be possible to change the hair color.

    If a person had only part of their hair regenerated in this way, the colors would be different and look poor.

    On the other hand, there is no doubt that many people would agree to replace their bald patches of skin, albeit with completely black, thin hair, just like that of a mouse growing on its neck.

    Sincerity Promotes Self-confidence.

    You are bald. Deal with it. Inspirational quote.

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    Self-confidence is not gained, it just opens up, freed by constant efforts to be sincere and honest with oneself. Reducing self-deception, unleashing illusions, no longer lying about yourself.

    As you begin to feel what I feel, say what I think, act what I want, self-confidence gradually returns.

    To truly believe in oneself is to become self-confident first.

    Do not lie to yourself, keep your word, and take care of your well-being, not harm yourself, do not harm your body and mind.

    You are bald. That’s it. Nobody cares. Even you!

    When I become self-confident, life seems to change, as the feeling of inner freedom returns, I become the master of my life, and from here I dare to live my life.

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