Be Amazed by Farytail in Palanga City. Breathtaking Surreal Photography.

    Gigantic shells.

    I really don’t know how Palanga sells itself to tourists, because this is not a sunshine destination where good weather is guaranteed. EspeciallyWinter.

    However, it does have something here. Something that keeps us occupied those cloudy and rainy daysnature, Baltic Sea, dunes, pines, tranquility fresh air, and our imagination.

    Have you ever driven through a small town and wondered to yourself, “What do people DO here?” Well, I feel you. Same things happen to my friends and for people who visit my city – Palanga.

    What to do in Palanga city

    It was a cloudy and rainy day in Palanga City. We decided to take a short walk to the beach. We took a camera in case we find good spots to make some photos… Well… We’ve found some. And it was unexpected…

    So here are 11 things you can either experience or capture with your camera:

    1.  You can find gigantic ladybugs living in Palanga. resting under the pine roots.

    Gigantic ladybug under the pine roots. Palanga.

    2. You can discover abandoned houses in deep Palanga forests.

    Abandoned house. With a scary face on the door. Palanga.

    3. You can witness total silence in front of enormous size trees.

    Gigantic trees, maybe nest, maybe roots…Who knows… Palanga.

    4. You simply can hug trees. Trees will always protect you.

    Forest-in-Palanga. Hidding-behind-the-tree-Shinning-blue-flowers-around.
    Birch and shining blue flowers look like a safe place to hide. Palanga.

    5. You can hear strange sounds in park Tiškevičiai.

    Mist is everywhere. Park Tiškevičiai

    6. Or you can just run from imaginary monsters.

    Trying to escape the magical forest.

    7. Moon always bigger here. You can use Moon as the Pathfinder.

    Moonlight shows the path.

    8. You can spot old ships in the bay.

    Old ship waiting for somebody.

    9. You can find ancient love runes carved in the sand wall.

    Ancient love runes.

    10. You can be stunned by magical green flowers growing on the beach.

    Gigantic green flower.

    11. You can pick some gigantic shells as souvenirs.

    Gigantic seashells.

    So sometimes you find yourself with all of the time in the world, but no idea how to spend it. You swear to yourself that just yesterday you had infinite ideas about what to do in your free time, but right now, they’re just slipping your mind.

    Doesn’t matter, your city empty or not, I hope after those magical images you will use your imagination to have more fun. Like surreal photography and photo manipulation? Click here for more.