Fire up Your Motivation! Ancient Wisdom in Powerful Fire Quotes.


What is fire quotes? Well, fire is one of the key elements in human existence. It has a very powerful meaning not only in ancient times but nowadays also.

Fire is one of the four primary elements. It is equally important to the emergence of the world and man, its existence, as well as water, air, and earth.

For the representation of all these elements, one of the main geometric shapes  — the triangle — has been used since ancient times.

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The element of fire — this is the apex of the triangle up water — a triangle with the apex pointing down, the air — a triangle with the apex upward, which crossed a line, and earth — a triangle with the apex pointing down, which also crossed dash.

4-elements.-Fire Quote.
4 elements. Fire.

And the fifth element is — Quote.

There are few powerful fire quotes with will inspire you.

Time is the fire in which we burn. Fire Quote.
Respect firefighter. Quote.
The hottest fire. Fire Quote.
Your Fire. Quote.
Fire within me. Fire Quote.