The Greatest Treasure In The World – Water. Inspirational Water Quotes.

Water is one of the key elements in human existence. Inspirational Water Quote.

Do you know that water accounts for two-thirds of the human body and we literally can’t do anything without water?

Famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

Water! You have neither taste nor smell – you cannot be described, we taste you without knowing you. It is not right to say that you are essential to life, you are life itself. You are the greatest treasure in the world. 

Water is the source of life.

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We have heard this many times in biology classes and read in various articles.

We know water in many forms:

It flows, flows, gushes and drips; the thickest layers of ice cover the poles of the Earth, with huge icebergs floating near them, the mountain tops covered with ice, and the rivers and lakes covered with ice; the warm earth is steaming, the steam springs from the hot springs, the fog is rising, and the clouds are flying in the sky.

That’s why prepared 6 water quotes for you to remember it’s importance to your existence.

Water is essential not only for drinking but for many other things.

We use water in housework, we wash it, we hear animals, we plant plants, extinguish fires, use water to produce electricity and more.

In the water world, there are many interesting and strange animals and plants that die without water.

Let’s Stop It!

Tribute to Water. Best Inspirational Water Quotes.

Why is water so special?

Just drink it whenever you want.

In fact, it’s not that simple.

Often problems arise because most of us simply forget to drink plain water.

People drink coffee, tea, various cocktails, milk, compotes, wine, beer – everything but water.

Water is the most important thing on Earth.

Water has neither taste nor odor, nor color, it is a mineral, mineral resource.

We made a few amazing quotes about water to show you the importance of this “thing”.

1# No water — No Life

No water no life. Inspirational Water Quote.

2# This Life is Like Diving Into The Water.

This Life is Like a swimming pool.  You dive into the water, but You can’t see how deep it is. Inspirational quote about water.

3# Water is Life.

Water is life and clean water means health. Water Quote.

4# No Water — No Life.

No water no life. Inspirational water quote.

5# Water is you. 

Water Is You. Inspirational Water Quote.

6# Water is your best friend. Always.

Water is your best friend always. Inspirational words about water.

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