Tribute to Water. 5 Most Important Quotes About Importance Of Water.


Do you know that water accounts for two-thirds of the human body and we literally can’t do anything without water?

That’s why prepared 6 water quotes for you to remember it’s importance to your existence.

Water is essential not only for drinking but for many other things. We use water in housework, we wash it, we hear animals, we plant plants, extinguish fires, use water to produce electricity and more.

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In the water world, there are many interesting and strange animals and plants that die without water. Let’s Stop It!

Tribute to Water. Best Inspirational Water Quotes.

Water is the most important thing on Earth. Water has neither taste nor odor, nor color, it is a mineral, mineral resource. We made a few amazing quotes about water to show you the importance of this “thing”.

1# No water — No Life

No water no life. Water Quote.

2# This Life is Like Diving Into The Water.

This Life is Like a swimming pool.  Water Quote.

3# Water is Life.

Water is life. Water Quote.

4# No Water — No Life.

No water no life.Water Quote.

5# Water is you. 

Water is you. Water Quote.

6# Water is your best friend. Always.

Water is your best friend always. Water Quote.