What Is The Most Precious Treasure Of Folk Wisdom? Inspirational Quote

The purpose of our lives is to be happy inspirational quote about life.

Caring for an older family member or friend can be difficult.

But it’s difficult to be that person.

One great way to ease the stress burden on both of you is to help your loved one define and preserve their legacy.

Today, I’m talking about the actual life lessons and purpose of life

And what is the life lesson number one?

If you are in a difficult situation and do not know what to do next, answer the following questions:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What inspires me?
  • What makes me wake up in the mornings?
  • What more would I need in my life?
  • What would I want less in my life?

These essential questions can help you re-shape yourself so you can continue to reach your goals without getting out of the way.

Nobody knows, and probably will never know.

Life is all about ups and downs otherwise it would be boring, don’t you think? Life is way more complicated if you only focus on negativity, pessimism and other bad things that don’t actually matter.

So, no matter whether you read 392 motivational or inspirational books, you watch some really inspirational video for 100 times, you listen to 48 motivational podcasts or not unless you’re willing to do what they say, you won’t grow.

So, if you go through hard times, I would highly recommend you to go and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re growing, if there is no challenge, there’d never been growth.

More quotes about life:

Or if you can’t do that, realize that you’re alive. Don’t complain, you’re alive… Take advantage of your life.

Life Lesson. Inspirational Quote.

You may have already realized that this is not a bag of money or a new home. And not a car.

The most important things are priceless and simplest at the same time.

But why do we underestimate them?

Your aspirations

Happiness is the purpose of life. Inspirational Quote.

What we seek affects our work, drives us forward, and gives us meaning both in our relationships with people and in our whole approach to life.

At the same time, our goals help us not to break and not give up even in the hardest of times.

Life lesson number one. The quote.


We all have jobs and commitments. However, whether we have enough time or not depends solely on our choices.

Every time we say ‘yes’ to someone, we give up other things.

You have to ask yourself if it is always right to say yes and if you do it too often.

Time is a limited resource.

And while we can’t take our time back, it is possible to choose how and where and with whom.

Do not try to take your time every minute, but rather spend time on the people and activities that really matter to you.

Even if you think you won’t find the time for yourself and your loved ones, your favorite hobby, it’s all in your hands – you can change your life and, in doing so, divide the time as you like.


Health is the most precious treasure of folk wisdom, but it is often a joke.

Of course, until some health problems occur.

Eat anything and then watch for weight problems.

We work out in the gym, so we suffer from muscle aches. We don’t care about our mental health and can’t understand why we can’t cope with stress.

Keep these important points in mind:

  • Our bodies are not made to sit in front of a computer all day, so try to exercise, move and stay active all the time.
  • Nutrition must not be a punishment, it must be a pleasure.
  • And a healthy diet can really be that way.

More fruits and vegetables, less meat and sweets and other unhealthy foods.

You do not have to give up what you like completely – rather, feel modest, as this is the key to feeling good.

Be better, not only to others, but first to yourself.

The more you love yourself, the more you care and naturally feel much happier. It’s time to start with small steps – they’ll take you far!


Think you don’t know how to build a relationship and don’t know how to maintain it?

Stop and rethink what your relationship is to you in general, what you want from it, and how you imagine it.

The most important thing is not to build air castles or to give up illusions, because being together is hard work and your life is not a romantic movie.

However, hard work usually rewards sweet fruit, so try to find time for your loved ones and stay with them.

Focusing on each other both brings us closer together and creates fullness.

Of course, this requires cardinal decisions, so you have to ask what you can and do to get more time.

As you can see, there is no such thing as 1 life lesson or 1 life quote.

Life is more complex. Deal with that.

The original version was posted by Khudoyberdi Tursunov on piplum’s group on facebook – Motivation.