Women Control Man. Man control the world, but women control the men [Surreal Photography]

Women Control Man. Quote.

For ages man thought he is under the control. He thought, that he is the power of this world. He was wrong. Only one superior beings on this world — Women. Women control man, he wants it or not. This surreal life quote shows the reality of our relationships and existence.

Do you think you are in total control of your relationship with a women? Think again. Women control their relationships in very subtle ways. In fact, most of the time men don’t have a clue that their women is controlling them. Men think they are the bosses but actually they are being manipulated.

Also, you don’t need to be married or in relationship. Women still knows how to make a puppet of you. When women looks at you like this (Quote Images Below), all manhood power just fades away. After that, there are no doubs, who is under the control.

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Man control the #world, but #women control the #men

Beautiful women holdin a little man's figure with her fingers.
Women control man. Karolina Lukauskaite.

Women Control Man. Quote Image.

women man quote. Women control man. Surreal photography.
Life Quote. Man control the world, but women control the man. Karolina Lukauskaite.