Surrealism Photography. The Black Cat Island.

purple eyes black cat surrealism photography
What drives your fears?

Everyone wants something special in life, everyone dreams about something special or being special.

This alternate reality looks so surreal, that it scares us like The Black Cat.

The question arises as to why some are reaching what they want, and most of them remain dreaming.

All people have dreams, but for some reason, not everyone goes towards their dreams towards their goal.

Question why? I think everyone would agree that the biggest obstacles are our fears. (Black Cats)

When we “imagine” what we want in our thoughts, we feel very comfortable and comfortable.

But we understand that we will not achieve this, just by thinking about what we want.

Some immediate action is always needed. Right or wrong there is another story. 

The Black Cat With The Purple Eyes.

gigantic black cat on the small island surreal photography
The Black Cat. Surrealism Photography.

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